Thoughts on Belial

By Neel Krishnaswami (


Belial definitely has one of the best dissonance conditions of any of the IN Princes: It's dissonant for Belial's servitors to devise plans that backfire. If you assume that they can fix dissonance by complexifying their plan to cope with failure, then they are going to pile scheme upon scheme in a mad rush to keep the whole house of cards from tumbling down. This is thematically appropriate, as it's kind of a meta-Calabim dissonance, and it makes the game more fun for everyone since it encourages demons of Fire to *do* stuff to cope with what's happening in-game.

I'm a bit disappointed that he's defined as having no interest in any of the conceptual aspects of Fire, since that closes off some of the possible schemes you can find his demons engaged in. What if he were a true opposite to Gabriel, dynamic, brilliant and destructive?

You could use him to do all those sleazy fun evil mastermind things you always wanted to do, that Valefor is too classy to engage in but Saminga is too stupid to manage:

"Ah, an angel of Judgment. How charming. Tell me, are you familiar with the scene where the evil mastermind shows you his art collection while his henchmen beat the crap out of the hero?"

"No? Well, this is a Mondrian." *whump*

"This is a Seurat." *thump*

"This is my Kupka. How he divides space contrasts nicely with the unity of the Mondrian, don't you think?" *whap* *thud*

Or you could just make this a Impudite Baron of Fire, I guess.


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