Summing the Parts

By Peter Frederick (


Since someone mentioned Jung, I have had a little idea floating around that I thought I might circulate.

Proposition - the psyche or personality of a major celestial being is a sort of sum of the psyche's of his servitors.

I came to this idea on looking at the Choirs of Angels. One player asked me where the Ofanim came from and I said that God always had a wild, chaotic, tempestuous side. As I thought of it further I saw some virtue in the idea that the Choirs were a sort of spectrum of the mind of God. Taking this further you could say that the Archangels represent major topics of thought in the mind of God.

To move down a level what if an Archangel's servitors, and their Words, sort of add up to make the policy of the Archangel. An example could be taken from my recent post regarding the possible demise of the Angel of Inquisition and the rise of the previously posted Angel of Mercy. This is a fairly major change within the concept of Judgement. As such it might not only mean a change in the field operations of the Servitors of Judgement, as directed by Dominic's Major Servitors, but also a change in how Dominic himself looks at his Word.

I would call this model of Celestial interaction the Avatar Model. Each level of Servitors being in part a fraction of the total of their Superior. not that it really changes anything, but it makes for an interesting place to start a discussion.

Thanking you for your indulgence.


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