The Creation of Angels/Demons

By Neel Krishnaswami (neelk@MIT.EDU)


I treat the creation of angels and demons a little bit differently, both from canon and from each other.


Angels were created once, by God, at the beginning of the universe. Every angel is as old as the Symphony. However, almost all angels are not distinct personalities; they are 'singing the Symphony' and are responsible for its day-to-day progression, keeping the planets obeying Newton's laws and electons obeying Schroedinger's and so on.

When an archangel 'calls an angel from the Symphony,' s/he calls an angel from the chorus and makes it aware of its seperate existence. This is when individual consciousness and memory begin for an angel, and when an angel speaks of its "birth," it means the time a Superior awakened it.

This is why Heaven is so reluctant to awaken more angels; each time they do so, there is one less voice supporting God's Symphony. And once an angel has tasted independent thought and action, it is impossible for it to ever go back to its original divinely-ordained place in the Symphony.

This also means that every time an angel dies a soul-death, a piece of the universe dies forever and irrevocably. If the forces of Hell can kill enough angels, then the Symphony will fall apart and Lucifer will be master of the ruins.

Demons: The first Fall from the heights of Heaven to the depths of the Pit was a traumatic experience. Many demons found that their personal drive to exist was insufficient without divine grace, and their Forces just...fell apart. The Princes collected these broken pieces of fallen angels, and used them as building blocks to create new demons.

Rather than building a few juggernauts, most Princes choose to build many, weak Servitors. In addition to the benefit of not creating potential rivals, this also has the benefit that each new demon has the ability to grow in power and gain Forces through experience, thus multiplying the amount of power the Prince has available much faster.

One of the punishments the Game inflicts is to dismantle demons and use them as 'seeds' to make new ones. The loss of personal identity is one of the worst things a demon can imagine, and Asmodeus's bland denials that this is done seem calculated to stoke the paranoia of the lower echelons of Hell.

Since every demon in Hell contains a piece of divine handiwork, albeit twisted and shattered, the possibility of Redemption exists for every demon as well.

Neel Krishnaswami


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