What is Eli Doing?

[Another notion for What Eli Is Doing, and some "grand scheme of things" musings]

From: Sam Kington (sam@illuminated.co.uk)
Subject: Non-omnipotent God (Was: Re: IN> Dark In Nomine)

Nathaniel Eliot wrote:
} If god isn't omnipotent/omniscient, then there are two options:
} a) He lost some power when he created the universe, and everything
} that he *creates* weakens him still more. The idea here is that
} there is a finite amount of power in the universe - if he has it all,
} than there isn't anything else. If there is something else, than he
} must have less than all.
} b) He never was, and may never be, omnipotent/omniscient. He was a
} powerful Ethereal spirit (Yaweh, a war god) who discovered a new
} source of power. This is the option that I am using, not because it
} is necessarily better, but because it strikes me as less Dark than
} the other.

c) God isn't good. He created the world, granted, but He's now moved on, He's setting up other worlds and occasionally checks out this one. He set up the angels and demons to take care of the whole housekeeping aspect of making sure human souls end up in Heaven or Hell and are reincarnated properly, and prevent the world from going too far towards Good or Bad - checks and balances, if you like. He's unaware that the War is going on - whenever he visits Heaven (which is very rarely) the Archangels and Demon Princes pretend nothing is going on. To be frank, he doesn't care too much about angels and demons - they're just servants with limited free will. Humans are far superior, so whenever He takes interest in Earth He follows human society.

Eli left a while ago to wander the earth in an attempt to create something so worthwhile that God Himself would take notice. Whether this was to show that angels are as worthwhile as humans, or to draw His attention to the War that has got out of hand, is up to you.



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