Dominic's Lilim

By Neel Krishnaswami (neelk@MIT.EDU)


Emily Dresner wrote:

Oddly, it's Dominic, and to a lesser extent Michael, who end up with the Bright Lilim IMC. But an explanation would be a too-long digression.

No it wouldn't. I'd like to hear your rationale for Dominic. I know the rationale for Michael.

Well, I guess it's time to visit Dominic's world. :)

In an ideal world, Dominic would be unneeded, because everyone would know good without having to know evil. But the Fall and the Tempation of Eve have made that impossible, so the next best thing would be for everyone to try to do their best to be good all the time of their own accord.

Naturally, some of the time they would fail, since only God is perfect. But since they would possess judgement, they would be able to recognize their failures and assess an appropriate penance. Unfortunately, IRL this doesn't work because there are plenty of people who refuse to apologize for their crimes.

The problem, as Dominic sees it, is that the people most likely to lapse are precisely the ones least likely to be able to perform the appropriate penance. After all, if they had the strength of character to carry out the penance, then they probably wouldn't have made their mistakes in the first place.

This is where the Bright Lilim come in. With their ability to detect Needs, they can detect true contrition, and with their ability to lay Geases, they can make sure that the repentant will be able to complete their penances. (Game mechanics: The Bright Lilim of Judgement can neutralize dissonance by laying a Geas/4 for each point neutralized, if and only if the other is truly repentant. Plus, they get to talk it over with Dominic when he shows up for his weekly visit.)

Clearly, the ways of the Lord are both mysterious and providential; who could have forseen that the rebellion of Lilith would lead to the creation of the perfect confessors?

Now, it's your turn to explain why Lilim want to be like Mike. :) (I want to see if your reason is the same as mine.)

---- Neel Krishnaswami


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