The Relationship between Eli and Kobal

by Bevan Thomas


On the In Nomine collected, Emily Dresner suggested that Eli and Kobal are friends of a sort. That they get together, talk about stuff, try to get the other fellow to convert to their side, that sort of thing.

I disagree.

I think that Eli would want to get as far away from Kobal as possible. Sure, back when he was the Archangel of Laughter, I am sure Kobal got along famously with Eli, but then so did Andrealphus. And now he is Eli's sworn enemy. So is Kobal.

The thing you must remember about Kobal is that he is not a nice guy. In fact, he is a downright nasty guy. Nastier then Baal (who's with the demons because of pride), nastier then Asmodeus (who is just concerned about getting his job done), nastier then Mammon (he's just like a greedy little boy). Kobal is not fighting the war for revenge, or job satisfaction, or even for loot, he's in it for laughs. The guy saw the Children's Crusade as funny.

The Children's Crusade!

Eli loves children, and he loves religion. The Crusade enslaved and killed children and made a mockery of Christianity. This is the antithesis of Eli. This is corruption, instead of creation.

Furthermore, The Final Trumpet says that Kobal was originally the opposite number of Yves, since he mocks the Symphony. The Symphony = God = The Creator = Creation. Therefore, by mocking the Symphony you are mocking Creation, and the Archangel of Creation is of course Eli. Therefore, Kobal's word mocks Eli.

Would Eli associate with someone who's very existence mocks him? I think not.

Eli would no more share a drink with Kobal then he would with Andrealphus. Sure, they have similar Words, but Kobal's word is a corruption of Eli's word. He hates Kobal in much the same way as Gabriel hates Belial. The demon mocks everything the angel stands for, and who mocks better then Kobal? In fact, next to Kronus (and of course Lucifer), he is probably the most universally hated demons among the angels.


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