From a discussion on Essence and the nature of reality,

Well, here's take on the whole essence/reality/muck-thing. (This non-canon, btw)

Okay, first of all, I assume that good old God and his pal Lucy(Fur) are on the damn side. Yeah, really. Angels test humanity's strengths and demons test humanity's weaknesses. Now, you ask any demon, angels, even Lucy and I'm sure you'd be bound to get a different answer. Of course keep in mind that Lucy is sure to be lying through his pointly little teeth...

It's been said that there was a scuffle in heaven because after God created humanity and he told His angles (or whatever) that they were to serve human-kind, about a 7/18 of the angles (hell, let's call it a third of the darn things) said "No way, Jose!" and sauntered vaguely downward.

God, as He love everyone, still loved the darn things. Hell, he made 'em in the first place. So, he gave them a plot of land they could live on and call home, or Hell, or whatever they wanted to call it, and then called little ol' Lucy over to His side, tucked him close. Lucy, familiar with the old "let- me- pretend- to- whisper- something- in- your- ear- so- I- can- put- you- in- a- headlock- and- give- you- a- nouge- you- won't- ever- forget" trick, pushed himself away from God a little more, aiming to gain some space in the relationship as well. God smiled, He's a "forgiving", "loving" God and as an experienced parent of EVERYTHING IN EXISTANCE he had a lot of patience when his children wanted a little distance.

God cut Lucifer a little deal. He said "Ok, so here's the deal. You all over in..."
"Hell," Lucy said.
"Yes, Hell. You all can do whatever you like."
"Really?" queried Lucy.

Well, Lucy felt that somehow he was getting the shaft. He wasn't quite sure what it was, but he was sure God was up to something. So, he gathered up a whole bunch of his nastiest, most terrible, demons and went to heaven to throw a party. A war party that is.

Hell invaded heaven, the inhabitants of heaven were more than a little annoyed. Heaven is their home, and the home of God, they assumed. But why didn't God just pull as Dues ex machina (or whatever) and sent the blimey bastards back to hell where they "belonged"?

Now, in the old days before the creation of the human race, God used to hang out a lot with the angels in heaven (this is, of course, before a 7/18 of them left). But, He had grown tired with hanging out with a bunch of being which he had created and whose existance was powered by his LOVE. See, that's kinda like what essence is, love. The love of God, or rather God's love for all that he had made.

That's why God made humanity. He made human beings, each with a little bit of his love. He also gave human beings "free will", and the ability to gain essence at specific times during the cycle of the hunk of rock they floated on in "space", perhaps the space in His sock drawer, perhaps the space between His toes, no one knows. But Him. Point is, with the creation of human beings who had free will, but NO freaking clue as to what the heck was going on, there created the possibility to not having to love God anymore. The angels, all of whom had been God's pals because not only had he created them to love him, but also because He was the only one who supplied them with essence (THE POWER OF LOVE), now had an opportunity to get their fuel from somewhere else: the stupid humans!

So, essence does not come from humans, it comes from God. All the essence fallen angels use and need (they are still angels, however twisted) comes ultimately from God, even if it has been taken in a round-about way.

What does this mean? Well, all essence comes from God, and once spent it is re-released in the cosmos (the hair of God, I'm guessing) and goes back to Him. He gives it all and gets it all back in the end. Not a bad deal. Plus, because now the angels now have to make the choice to love Him, making use of their free will, God knows who his true friends are. That's the cool thing about being human. Ever notice how all those good little humans who love God and all that, who consider God to be a friend and companion, tend to zip on up to the upper reaches of heaven? Well, that's because they have been chosen by God to hang out with Him. Hey, what's cooler than hanging out with the Big Man God, eh? I don't know, man, I don't know.

Now the fallen ones have really gotten themselves into a pickle. See, since God is reflected in all that is GOOD to love love things which are GOOD is to love GOD (yeah! it's a spelling error, go humans! GOOD AND GOD are the same bloodly thing!), then the only way to prove that you don't need His love, and that you are a strong, independent angel who doesn't need any of that God-crap, is to to do EVIL, D.EVIL.ISH things. Hmmm... DEVIL, DO EVIL.... hmmm.... Doing good shows that you love God, doing evil "proves" that you don't need God's stupid love anyway.

Of course, they still do, they just get in through channels which are distanced enough from God that they can pretend that it doesn't *really* come from Him. Stupid God, He's so overbearing. Why can't He just leave us Demons alone? We can take care of ourselves, really we can!

So... what about God and why isn't he hanging around. I bet He and Eli are playing some prancy-fancy game they make up as they go along.

As for Lucy? He's still sore about being "tricked" into moving into an house with a bunch of his friends. He may have a hearth, but it's not quite the same as God's... Acutally, I think that God and Lucy still get along, in that parent, distant child "we- respect- each- other- at- a- distance" way. Lucy is still trying to piss off God, however. Why? Why did you try to piss off your parents? How did you try to piss off your parents.

Maybe, just maybe Lucy is testing God to see how much He love "the bringer of light". I just hope God notices the mess Lucy is making.



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