Fallen Malakim

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I'm afraid I disagree with the idea of Malakim being already "fallen". I've recently been skimming the Old Testament, and I've been finding some evidence for the existance of the Malakim

Agreed (with the disagreement). And I think I can explain 1) why Malakim really are angels, and 2) why they don't actually "fall" in the conventional sense.

Remember that the resonance of the Malakim is not violence, but honor. They know how closely a subject has adhered to his or her principles. As falsehood is met with truth from the Seraphim, so the Malakim respond to dishonor with honor.

The violent aspect of the Malakim is really just icing on the cake; the notion of dishonor is far more abhorrent to them than lies are to the Seraphim if you judge by their reaction to it.

Now, as to the matter of their not falling... They may acquire dissonance, especially if they don't choose their vows carefully. They may even acquire enough to make a regular angel fall. But think about what happens in their cases.

Seraphim (truth) become Balseraphim (falsehood). Cherubim (protection) become Djinn (stalkers). Elohim (objectivity) become Habbalah (subjectivity).

Malakim (honor) would become something different, whose resonance would be *dishonor*. And what's the first thing that a being with a resonance of dishonor would do? Right -- CHANGE SIDES!

Malakim don't Fall, They BOUNCE!

-David http://www.bluecrab.org/members/dwood/ No, not THAT David.


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