By Brandon Quina (lore@tmgbbs.com)


Capture an Ofanite. Tie him up. Watch him get dissonant. Eventually, he becomes aware that he can be free: all he has to do is DESTROY. He can BLAST those chains. He can KILL his captors. He has the power to get away, to be able to move again. Heh.

A Mercurian 'trips'. Suddenly, the Symphony won't tell him about people any more. How can he make people happy if he doesn't know anything about them? Well... he could *make* them open up to him. They'd tell him anything, if they only knew that he was really their friend.

Hmmm. Intresting. Lets see if we can rationalize the other angels 'viewpoints' of falling.

Seraphim lose the ability to discern the truth, and thus the ability to know what the Truth is. They are thrust into a word of uncertainty and lies. However, there is a way to pull through. A way to pull apart the curtain. INVENT the truth. Whatever I say is the truth, and because I 'create' the truth-- I know what it is. Others believe me, and thus, for now at least, this IS the truth. Another balseraph is born.

Cherubim lose the ability to forge a deep bond with someone or something. A bond that transcends time and space. A bond that even transcends the corporeal plane. In doing so, they've lost a very important part of their body. (and probally not for the first time, as they most likely lost something important to them that CAUSED the dissonance in the first place) They can, however, FORCE a bond to grow. FORCE the connection. Its not quite the same, though. Its the difference between making love and rape-- one is a beautiful thing, and the other is just the shameless pitiful fulfillment of an urge. In so perverting their nature, they have warped it and another Djinn is the result.

Ofanim lose their connection to the motion and chaos of the universe. They lose their ability to be free. Now, they're slow and apathetic compared to their former freedom. Above all, they're so CONFINED. Everything is weighing down on them like a great weight. He has the power to destroy the weight, though. The power to rip apart the things that drag him down. The ability to be FREE again, his path never again to be blocked by anything. He never quite recaptures his former glory, however, and the resulting twist of his celestial nature is so great that his very form twists and manifests a discord that will *never* go away again. Another calabite is birthed.

Elohim lose the ability to read emotions, and thus the ability to understand how others feel. In the absence of all other input, they have to rely on their own feelings and opinions. Why did god do this to them, they reason? Perhaps it was because they had been listening to THE WRONG opinions all this time? Yes, thats it. Maybe, just maybe, THEY are correct. Everyone else is wrong. Hmm. What to do about that. I know, I can *MAKE* them see things my way. Yes, thats what god wants me to do. He wants me to sway people to the 'right' side. Another habbalite is born.

Mercurians you covered quite nicely on your own.

Kyriotate are the only ones that seem to get the shaft with your rules. I hate the fact that, with these rules as they stand-- a Kyriotate can only be an outcast for a maximum of 60 minutes.

There must be a way to smoothly transfer from a gentle giving host who cares about his host and tries to keep everything as it was when he first came, to someone who sees how much he can mess up this mortal's life.


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