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By Elizabeth Bartley (

**Flaming Feather**

I've had some _In Nomine_ thoughts kicking around since reading the "Dark Victory" setting. What if the following things are true:

1. God can resurrect apparently destroyed (reduced to 0 Forces) celestials and humans. Frankly, this doesn't seem much of a stretch for Someone Who created the entire world.

2. God *cannot* force a free-willed being to choose redemption.

It seems to me that this makes would make it logical for God to want the Heavenly Forces active on Earth to put up a valiant, inspiring effort, and then to _lose_. Then the worst of the demons to then overrun Earth to the point where everything worth anything - all beauty, all joy, all pleasure - is wiped out. And finally to have every demon who believes in *anything* not utterly evil, until everybody salvagable has defied Hell and/or turned to God in desperation.

Heh. This sounds like a Habbalite rationalization -- even if true.

Elizabeth Bartley

**Flaming Feather**

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