Short Jean Thoughts

by Redneck Gaijin <>


IN relies somewhat on some sort of Balance of Power. If you give the Angels a massive edge in technology, you weaken that.

Well, here's how I see things, to clarify my position a bit.

Vapula: Is an eager beaver who loves the Scientific Method, but often loses sight of his goals in his eagerness to torture and destroy his test subjects. As such, his knowledge is scattershot and often flawed. Vapula's tech often has annoying or dangerous side effects, or is actually a side effect itself of some other process. On his strong side, he knows all the scientific principles he uses personally; on the weak side, his knowledge is based entirely on his own experiments, which can leave blind spots, and he's easily distracted by shiny bloodcovered objects.

Jean: The Angel of Lightning, who assumed Technology into his Word more by fiat than by merits. Yves gave Jean official control over the teaching and progress of technology after Jean had already assumed control. As such, he is a micromanager and a control freak who isn't always on top of his game, and who is disturbed and frightened by things he doesn't understand. Granted, Jean's heart is in the right place, and he's bailing as fast as he can, but his effective usefulness is limited by his approach: learn and implement, but don't do anything new.

Short version:

Vapula: Nuttier than a forest of almond trees, and not as thorough as he ought to be, but effective and willing to try anything once- twice if it involves screaming guinea pigs.

Jean: Micromanages everything, unwilling to try new ideas, and conservative to a fault, but knowledgeable and very competent.

Result: Vapula meddling and experimenting, Jean playing catch-up and doing damage control for Vapula's mistakes (or successes), and both occasionally getting blindsided by humanity's own, unaided discoveries.


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