Jordi, most dissonent of Archangels

By John Dye (


It strikes me that Jordi must be the most dissonent of archangels (Dominic should be informed, but then again, Dom doesnt' speak bug so how would he know?).

I take this from two factors. First, according to Genesis (yes, I AM going to use it as a base In Nom source) God gave man domination over the plants and creatures of the air water etc. I'm not going to argue about HOW he was supposed to rule, but he was given charge of all of them. Now I really doubt Jordi ever believed that a naked, clawless house-ape would ever challange his incredibly broad Word, but it has and I'm betting Jordi's in denial.

The second factor is that God has given out scads of Words only dealing with man and his problems. Quite frankly, Jordi is at best given a lateral position of little relevence. Unlike, say Novalis, who is for plants both of themselves, and how they interact with man in wholesome ways (food, decoration, protection, useful fibers), Jordi has narrowly defined his Word as "Animals Yes, Man NO!" which is frankly against the Divine Will. Jordi could try to integrate man with beast, with Man taking a stewardship like role, but I can't intrepret "Deny the lie that is civilization" as anything less then it is. Jordi is quite frankly as anti-man as the average demon. Too bad God doesn't feel the same way.

Please bring on the bunny flames now.

John Dye

"It is a strange thing about determined seekers of wisdom, that, no matter where they happen to be, they'll always seek wisdom that is a long way off. Wisdom is one of the few things that look bigger the further away it is" Witches Abroad Terry Pratchett

Allagory "Someone else's wisdom always seems wiser"


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