Why Kobal doesn't laugh much anymore...

By Emily Dresner (zenith@umich.edu)


Kobal's BFG (Big effing Gag, tm) is one of those things that should be unique to every campaign. But this one is just too neat...

Kobal and Eli are collaborating to create a heavenly tether in a chamber hidden behind a file cabinet in Kobal's office.

Cute. Someone else reinforces my belief that Eli and Kobal get together on a regular basis for drinks. Maybe they bring Janus and Lilith. :)

[Segue - There was a passing belief, albeit small and it came from someone else whom I can't remember, that Kobal was one of Eli's 'children', one of the first celestial Creationers Eli actually created and molded with his own hands, a protege of his own devising. Although this came far too late to work into my own campaign, I've become fond of this theory. The Kobalites are forced to be 'creative' on a daily basis, even if it's creativity in a malicious way, to simply keep the dissonance demon out of their hair. Be this editorials, cartooning, staging huge, immaculate practical jokes, there is still a certain modicum of creativity which drives it. It's a twisted Creativity, jokes and satire and black humor at other's expense. And maybe, when Kobalites Redeem, they have a disturbing tendancy to float in the general direction of Creation. Maybe Eli gets together with Kobal regularly for 'Why you really want to Redeem, man, it would be cool' conversations over shots of whiskey.

It's sort of a floating background campaign idea, but it has it's moments.]

- Em, your six-eyed pal!


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