Reasons Why Angels Fell

or were they pushed?

by Paul

As a result of various discussions on this list, I've been doing a LOT of reading. I started with the Davidson _Dictionary of Angels_, and the following could easily have been drawn solely from there. I thought this could prove interesting from a RP standpoint when creating new Princes or word-bound infernals who've been around a long time...


#1: Lucifer's sin: Pride or ambition.

#2: Genesis 6:2 (New International Version) "The sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose." (Note: It's not ME deciding this, it's a whole lot of dead rabbis...) In other words, the angels were tempted by the beauty of women, and fell... right into their arms. This is actually the most frequent attribution when there is a legend or reference to the reason why a specific named angel fell.

#3: Whole legions of angels were destroyed or cast out of Heaven simply because they didn't sing the right hymn at the right time. (I'm not making this up...)

#4: And, of course, a few "pagan" gods never got caught by Uriel, and wound up joining forces with Lucifer instead of running to Beleth's side of the Marches or getting skewered.

#5: (Which should be right next to #2, actually, as it's related) Angels were set to watch over the affairs of humanity and simply "Went native." This seems like the Gregori's situation in IN...

You can see how an old-school Demon Prince might have a different attitude toward the war if s/he fell due to #3... "Sheesh! I overslept one day in all of eternity and showed up late for choir practice, and POW! Hell, here I come..." vs. #1... "Well, I thought I could beat God at Its own game, but someone must have snitched on me... Win some, lose some, I guess."

There are other reasons, but these five seem most prominent from what I can find...



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