Fates and Destinies

By Stacy Stroud (smstro1@pop.uky.edu)


Kingsley Lintz wrote: Though, since it's come up, I had an idea/plot seed that popped into my head the other night...

It's based on the premise that Fate/Destiny combinations KEEP COMING UP until they're fulfilled. That is, when someone dies who hasn't managed that critical `choice', and their Forces recycle into the Symphony...the Fate and Destiny stay attached to those Forces, and when they're reborn, that person has basically the same potentials. Not knowingly, as in the case of a Saint, obviously--it's not the PERSON recycling, just the F/D.

I agree with this wholeheartedly. I'll be using pretty much the same idea in my IN games. However, I'd never explored the strategic implications the way you just did. Bravo, and thanks. I'd almost recommend that the Makers of Canon consider this idea for inclusion in IN canon. (Sadly, it can't be in H&H at this point.)

An additional note: In Nomine makes a distinction between reincarnation and complete recycling of Forces. I'd tend to think that Fates/Destinies stick around only in the former case -- i.e., they are bound to a particular *collection* of Forces, a particular soul. The reincarnated soul still won't be the same "person," since their old minds and memories -- the Ethereal part of the old person -- will be gone. However, there may be a basic core of personality that remains similar. Karakash has suggested that a Remnant whose soul is rebuilt won't actually be the same person, even though it looks the same and may even have many of its old memories (depending on how trashed the celestial's Ethereal Forces were, I'd say). So a reincarnated human would be a reverse-Remnant -- same core personality, but no memories of its former life/lives.

The idea of Fates/Destinies carrying over from life to life may give us a clue why some humans in IN are reincarnated after death, while others are completely recycled back into the Symphony. Perhaps some Fates/Destinies are event-specific, and *can't* be repeated endlessly. Those people might then be disbanded and recycled upon death, if their Fate/Destiny is not met. Or perhaps the distinction is based more on the human's own actions. Someone who has at least made progress in one direction or another may be reincarnated, while someone who went through life with completely untapped potential is recycled. Or some combination of the two may be in operation.

Stacy Stroud



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