Superiors and Free Will

By Tim Groth (


Coincedently discusion on the list turned towards this topic the same day I decided to write this while picking up my little brother from camp. Any who here goes.


Blandine: The most pleasent dream that humanity has, they can not carry on without it. Unfortunately it is often trampled by the battling of un-subtle celestials.

David: The belief one is acting as they wish gives strength. It gives me strength. Until it is proven to be a lie, it will continue to give me and my angels strength.

Dominic: To say that the Fallen do as they do because they have no choice is letting them off to easily. Without the weight of choice behind actions Judgement is without meaning.

Eli: Man, that stuff is deep. We won't know till its all over, anything we say now is just bull.

Gabriel: Flame burns as it burns, taking directions only the fire knows it will take.

Janus: Change needs people able to change and do what is unexpected. Free Will is part of my Word, I know that its real.

Jean: Despite the best predictions of corporeal, ethereal and celestial laws humans still manage to take unexpected actions. However when calculating such things for celestials and ethereals I find that most discrepancies are from lack of data or errors in calculation.

Jordi: Such things are irrelevent, instinct and environment determine action for all animals, including humans.

Laurence: Without Free Will all of existance would be meaningless, and God does not create meaninglessly.

Marc: Free Will is worth a lot in a trade, people will do anything to keep it. I doubt an illusion could be so valued.

Michael: Without Free Will the War is worthless, all war is worthless. Me and my warriors are not fighting an empty battle. All the heroes of humanity did not die in sensless battle.

Novalis: Of course we can make our own decisions, the world would be a terrible empty place if that wasn't the way things were.

Yves: Destiny depends upon choices.

Demon Princes-

Andrealphus: We proved Free Will during the Fall, when we chose to be better than God made us by forsaking the lies of Heaven.

Asmodeus: The great Game of the World does not have room for such silliness.

Baal: The War is about free will. It is what we champion, the banner we wave against the divine tyrant.

Beleth: Its such a great source of fear. The mere threat of losing it makes the bravest cower.

Belial: It doesn't matter if I burn things because I chose to or not, I still burn things.

Haagenti: I make choices all the time. Italian or chinese, mexican or annoying people who ask too many questions.

Kobal: Hmm, some of the proofs for it are hysterical. Sometimes I think the big punchline is that we're just some cheesy TV show or something.

Kronos: It is futile to struggle against Fate's pull.

Lilith: I walked out of Eden didn't I?

Maplhas: It can make a single person contain many factions, as they second guess themselves trying to act in a way no one can determine and becoming all the more predictable.

Nybbas: Every production's got a script, but no script is implemented totally as written.

Saminga: There is no choice but to succumb to Death.

Valefor: It is the greatest thing to steal from another.

Vapula: I have found no experimental evidence to prove its existance. Yet I also have not found a way to predict all actions. It is a possibility, but a slim one.


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