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A disturbing little thought, on having reread the description of Yves:

"Yves is not omniscient, but he knows the names of all things, everything that has ever been written down, and --as Archangel of Destiny -- all of the best and brightest possibilities for the world." [p. 134, IN]

So...what if that's /all/ Yves sees? Maybe the enigmatic old guy can see the best possible outcome, but has no idea what else might happen, or even how to get there. Frustrating stuff. It certainly explains why he tends to smile calmly and give remarkably indirect answers -- in most cases, poor Yves has no idea! With a little lead time, he can go have a heart-to-heart with a small, trusted group of Cherubim and Mercurians in his service. Ignore the man behind the curtain, right?

Alexander Shearer


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