Homosexuality in In Nomine

By Elizabeth McCoy (emccoy@nh.ultranet.com)


At 10:24 AM -0400 9/10/97, Kim Foster wrote: I hope this hasn't been done to death on the list before I joined. But I was wondering what people's opinions were on the "status" ( I guess that would be the word) of homosexuality and homosexuals in the In Nomine universe. Is it a great sin among the angelic side, accepted, just not considered important? This comes up as a player in my game wants to play a Soilder that happens to be a homosexual.

Hm... My opinions...

Blandine, David, Gabriel, Jean, Marc, Michael: Probably don't care, might even be favorable if the relationship forwarded the Word right. (Blandine would like True Love (such stuff dreams are made of!), David likes bonding and loyalty, Gaby's probably fond of passion...)

Dominic, Laurence: Consider that this is rule-breaking, and might be faintly disapproving. OTOH, it's selfishness that makes the evil, not who you sleep with.

Eli: Would probably rather bi-sexuality, since otherwise the person is potentially cut off from the joys of creating a new life. But other than that, hey, be cool.

Janus: Breaking status quo is good.

Jordi: Some animals do this, too. It kind of limits the genetic contribution unless there's bisexuality, though.

Novalis: Love is love, whereever it's found. If it's consensual, then go for it!

Yves: If it doesn't lead towards Fate, then what's the problem?

On the Demonic side:

Asmodeus: Rule-breaking is bad.
Beleth: "Ah, good, the 'You have AIDS' nightmare..."
Haagenti: Overindulgence is good.
Kobal: "Hey, I can get some good jokes out of this..."
Kronos: Does it serve Fate or Destiny?
Malphas: "I can use this to divide people!"

The others wouldn't care. Habbalah might care -- another reason to punish someone!!

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