Perceiving Celestials

by Elizabeth McCoy

I'm going to concentrate on things that would reveal a mostly "hiding" celestial - Gabriel's Malakim can make flaming hands, Malakim of David can "become immovable and indestructible", etc., which is a pretty good clue about whether they're celestial, and who they serve, and what Choir attunement they have... Though the Janus/Valefor pairings won't tell you whether someone's demonic or angelic...

[From another message:]
[(That's another point -- if you damage someone for 4 points of damage, you know whether he's a celestial or not... That "4 points of damage" thing is, I believe, intended for *any* damage, not just to inanimate objects; this theory is enhanced by the blurb for Malakim and the two-by-four method of Balseraph discipline.)]

I think that's the lot of 'em...


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