From: Kim Foster (

1. All Malakim are mindless combat monsters
2. All Calabim are mindless combat monsters
3. All Lilim are fun-loving borderline nymphomaniacs
4. All atttractive Demons are Lust Servitors
5. Lilim aren't truly evil, they're just drawn that way.
6. Servitors of Dominic have no sense of humour or idea of extenuating circumstancs.
7. All Seraphim are snooty straight men
8. Malakim have no "lives" and will never develop one.

From: Casca (

9. All servitors of Novalis are wimps.
10. All servitors of Dominic are backstabbing bastards.
11. All servitors of Eli are bewildered / stoned / woozy.
12. All servitors of David are skinheads.

From: Adam Canning (

13. All Elohim are Vulcans
14. All Balseraphs are suave and sophisticated
15. Servitors of Novalis are flaky new age hippies
16. Servitors of Janus are kleptomaniac adrenaline junkies.
17. Angels get no fun out of life


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