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Corporeal Discord


Ichor (From Nana Yaw Ofori < nofori@pop3.utoledo.edu>)

Whatever it is that flows in your veins, it ain't blood.

A Celestial with the Ichor Discord has all his vessels' body fluids oddly twisted. Any character with Ichor can never give or recieve blood transfusions, and has a reaction penalty equal to the level of the Discord, should it become apparent that the character has funky blood/saliva/tears/etc. This is not an appropriate discord for Humans, though undead may have it.

Ichor/1 Tastes Strange
A celestial with this level of Ichor will have fluids with an odd taste. Any cursory medical inspection of the body fluids will reveal them to be something other than what they should be. In addition, since saliva will bechanged too, the character will suffer a -3 to any Taste Roll he makes. The character will not become used to the taste with time.

Ichor/2 Looks Strange
The body fluids have an strange color Black, Green, and Blue are popular colors. It is obvious to any person that your blood or saliva is strange, tears will tint your eyes a different color, but the effects will not be noticeable unless you actually start crying.

Ichor/3 Smells Strange
The body fluids have a wierd smell, one that can be easily detected by making a Smell roll. Could smell like lilacs, rotting sewage, sulfur, or even cheese.

Ichor/4 Feels Strange
The body fluids feel odd. They may be viscous, silky, sticky, grainy, or stinging to the touch. These properties will also be pretty obvious to sight.

Ichor/5 Sound Strange
It bubbles, it hisses, it whistles. it snaps, crackles, or pops. Once out of the body, Body Fluids make noises clearly audible to anyone within two yards.

Ichor/6 Motion
Body fluids, once out of the body, move independently of your will. They may send out flailing tendrils, or move as viscous globs. It's very unnerving to watch, and requires carefull attention to bandaging to stop bleeding.

All of the above functions are cumulative, a character with Ichor/4 will have the effects of Ichor/3, Ichor/2, and Ichor/1. Perhaps crunchy blue blood that smells and tastes like Drano.

Ichor is inconvenient during fights, as any wound will show it. Above level 2, even bruises look funky.

Ichor also tends to react badly with all but the most innocuous of substances. An Ichored character who is subjected to any drug not explicitily tailored to his brand of body fluids, must make a Strength Roll at a penalty equal to the level of the discord, or take half the check digit of the failed roll in damage.

Pain Wracked
(from Psychedelic Goblin <942777u@merkland.rgu.ac.uk>)

Some people seem made to suffer, but few suffer like characters afflicted with Pain. These poor souls suffer an intense spasm of pain once per day, per level of this Discord. The spasm are completely unpredictable and random. Each spasm lasts 1 round per level in this Discord, and completely incapacitates the victim. All they can do is lie there, twitching, incapable of emitting anything more than the most pathetic of whimpers. For those of you who want to roll for when each spasm starts, use the following tables in sequence.

Table One               
1   24:00-04:00 
2   04:00-08:00 
3   08:00-12:00
4   12:00-16:00 
5   16:00-20:00 
6   20:00-24:00 
Table Two
1-3   In the 1st 2 hours of the 4hr period
4-6   In the 2nd 2 hours of the 4hr period
Table Three
1-3   In the 1st hour of the 2hr period
4-6   In the 2nd hour of the 2hr period
Table Four
1   The 1st 10 minutes of the hour
2   The 2nd 10 minutes of the hour
3   The 3rd          "           "
4   The 4th          "           "
5   The 5th          "           "
6   The 6th          "           "
Table Five
1-3   The 1st 5 minutes of the 10.
4-6   The 2nd 5 minutes of the 10.
Table Six (the actual minute)   
1 - 5  as number
6       reroll                  
Table Seven
1   1st 10 second period of the minute
2   2nd          "                  "
3   3rd          "                  "
4   4th          "                  "
5   5th          "                  "
6   6th          "                  "
Table Eight                     
The 5 second period it starts on.       
1-3  1st 5 seconds              
4-6  2nd 5 seconds.

(from Psychedelic Goblin <942777u@merkland.rgu.ac.uk>)

The victim of wasting gradually gets weaker and weaker, as their bodies consume themselves. They lose 1 level of Strength for each level in this Discord, and become prone to massive exhaustion and collapse. After any serious physical exertion lasting longer than their current Strength in rounds, they must make a Strength roll or collapse for their Discord in hours.

**Flaming Feather**

Ethereal Discord

Ban of Faith
(from Psychedelic Goblin <942777u@merkland.rgu.ac.uk>)

It's intensely uncomfortable for characters afflicted with Ban to approach symbols, places of worship, and trappings of an opposing faith. In some cases this can make it difficult for angels with strong Christian or Islam leanings to approach the trappings of the other faith. The afflicted must make a WILL roll, minus their level of Ban while in the presence of opposed trappings, symbols, or worshippers. Failure means the character must keep at least 2m between themselves and the trigger per level of Discord. A failed WILL roll with a check digit of 1 means the character flees as fast as they can for their level of Discord in rounds.

**Flaming Feather**

Celestial Discord

(from Psychedelic Goblin <942777u@merkland.rgu.ac.uk>)

It doesn't matter what you have, or how good you are, someone is always better, and that really eats you up. In situations where someone has something you want, whether it's a physical object, or something more ephemeral like better looks, more power or attention, you must struggle not to dislike them. Make a WILL roll minus your level in this Discord or you'll feel an instinctive envy of them. Whether this envy is shown openly or concealed depends on the level of this Discord. Obviously, this can cause some problems when dealing with superiors such as Archangels and Demon Princes...

(from Psychedelic Goblin <942777u@merkland.rgu.ac.uk>)

This isn't natural pride of accomplishment; this is the "I'm the best that in the Symphony that ever there was. There ain't no one better.", form of pride. As your levels in this Discord increase you become more and more insufferably arrogant, self-centred, boastful and condescending to others. Whenever you accomplish any difficult task in which you were a key figure, or demonstrate some skill, ability or natural factor (such as appearance) that is notably better than those around you, you are subject to this Discord. You must make a WILL roll minus your level of Pride to avoid boasting of your prowess and belittling the efforts and talents of those around you. The truly prideful rarely keep friends for very long, but then, hey, you don't need those losers. They're just jealous.

(From GR "Maya" Cogman <maya@tcp.co.uk>)

A passing idea for a Discord common to Balseraphs:

The victim holds some belief which is not only untrue, it is grossly and absolutely inaccurate, and liable to cause him severe trouble should it come up in his everyday life. He believes this lie completely, and considers it completely true.

Typical samples might include:

**Flaming Feather**

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