Iron Rev 8: God Bless The Child

By Michael Walton

Final rating: 3.67


Eli's angels are known for being... affectionate. It's a Rite for them, after all, and they see no shame in enjoying it. Keilah is no different from other Creationers in this regard, except for one thing; she got pregnant. Even worse, the Mercurian's lover is neither celestial nor mortal. She somehow managed to get impregnated by an ethereal.

Okay, some background is in order. Keilah has a Role as Kaleigh Greene, owner of a local hardware store. She uses her position to encourage creative acts of craftsmanship. When Malik Torrance walked into her shop she had no clue that he was anything but a muscular hunk. By the time she found out that he was an ethereal the relationship had gone from a source of Essence to genuine (and even better, mutual) love. But Malik didn't drop the real bomb until Keilah expressed her wish that their love could produce a child. It turns out that Malik has a Life Affinity - and that he knows the Songs of Fruition. The Ethereal and Celestial versions normally allow celestials and ethereals to breed with mortals, but Malik theorized that the two Songs, if sung simultaneously, might allow a celestial and an ethereal to reproduce. He taught Keilah the Celestial Song of Fruition and they tried the experiment. Her current "delicate condition" seems to indicate that it worked.

The problem now is that Keilah and Malik have committed a killing offense by the standards of the Host. Even worse, a demon of Technology has penetrated Keilah's Role and is very interested in obtaining the baby as a test subject. After Malik lost his vessel defending Keilah from the demon (the demon's vessel was also destroyed), she had little choice but to appeal to other angels for help. The result wasn't what she hoped for. Laurence sees angels breeding with ethereals as an abomination while Dominic suspects that Hell is involved. The Seraphim Council ordered that Keilah return to Heaven and receive treatment to terminate the pregnancy. Keilah responded by fleeing. Her Heart remains in Eli's Cathedral, but she is effectively Outcast.

If the PCs are angels their mission is to bring Keilah back alive so that the "demonic taint" can be removed from her Forces. Demons are tasked with getting the baby. If the angel dies in the process, no one will weep. Ethereal characters might want to help Keilah escape so that she can be reunited with Malik and they can raise their baby in peace. Any task is complicated by Keilah's two large dogs. They are with her at all times and will fight to the death to defend her. Keilah has provided the dogs with Fighting Talisman collars courtesy of her Choir Attunement. The Mercurian will neither fight nor go celestial under any provocation; she won't risk the baby. At the first sign of supernatural trouble she'll sing the Celestial Song of Motion to flee. The PCs will need some way to track her, contain her or gain her confidence if they are to accomplish the mission. And if they take too long, they.ll also have Malik to deal with. He's an unusually potent spirit who is quite capable of taking down a 9-Force celestial in single combat, but he'd rather negotiate than fight. He's just very protective of Keilah. Either way the Sword will want him dead on general principles.

Bonus mission: one or more PCs might have sealed orders to research the cause of the pregnancy. Is the child really a celestial/ethereal crossbreed, did a Superior somehow manipulate the angel's Forces to create (or simulate) a pregnancy, or is this the result of an Intervention? If it's the second or third option, was the tampering divine or infernal? If it's the first option, could the baby be a Gorgan, a Nephallite, or maybe a little of both? Heaven will probably want to prevent any future occurrences, while some Princes - and many ethereals - will want to know how to duplicate the effect.

**Flaming Feather**

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