Well-Reasoned Extrapolation of Existing Factors (Lightning) / Alien Space Bats (Technology) / Flying Butt Monkeys (Mending*)

By Moe Lane


* Non-canonical Superior

Odd how three different Superiors could have come up with essentially the same Attunement. Of course, the Archangel of Mending used to work for Jean, and Vapula has never been averse to a little plagiarism for a bad cause, so maybe it's not so odd after all.

In any case, to use this Attunement the celestial must be alone and working on a scientific or technological problem whose solution requires data that simply isn't available. By spending 1 Essence (and making a Perception Roll), the celestial may come up with approximately correct (but unverifiable) data. Servitors of Lightning gravely state that they gently strum Symphonic strings to watch how the universe resonates, thus giving them an insight into the problem. Servitors of Technology/Mending shrug and matter-of-factly claim that actual Alien Space Bats / Flying Butt Monkeys appear in a cloud of blue smoke and hand them the answer. Use the CD of the Perception roll to determine how useful the data actually is.

Also, anyone with this Attunement has a general +1 to the CD of their successful scientific/engineering skill rolls. Apparently, the ASBs/FBMs retain a benevolent interest in the celestial.

Interestingly enough, Jean never gives out his version of the Attunement to his Seraphim, and Jaymiel never gives out hers to her Elohim. Vapula has no similar restrictions, but that doesn't mean anything. Vapula would give Servitor Attunements to a tree if he thought that it would make a good researcher...


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