• "It's just that nobody will be quite ready to believe that comic books can be a legitimate route to apotheosis... " - Elementalism by Moe Lane
  • "Anyway, once upon a time Kobal decided that it would be useful (and more importantly, funny) to have natural weapons against the Host. For reasons best known to himself, he picked ducks. So, he fiddled with their genetics a tad." - Foul Play by Moe Lane
  • "It's very simple. People who know Kung Fu are cool. Jesus Christ was cool. Therefore, Jesus Christ knew Kung Fu." - Flying Righteous Lamb Kung-Fu by Moe Lane
  • "We have Fighting as a strength-based skill that seeks to do damage; let's equate that loosely to the GURPS Karate or Brawling skills. But there's no way to describe unarmed combat skills based on restraint, or throws, or the like." - Quick thoughts on unarmed combat by John Dallman
  • **Flaming

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