Song of Bounty

By Rev. Pee Kitty


This song causes all crops within (Song Level times performer's total Forces) in yards to grow plentifully and well. For the next (CD times Essence spent) weeks, the crops affected will grow perfectly under any conditions. Even in snow. Or drought. Or without fertilizer. This Song is known to all Superiors, but is most commonly given out by Novalis. It is also known by many of the Ethereal Fertility Gods and Goddesses (Ishtar, etc.)

Affiliation: Creation, Flowers, Fertility*
Essence Requirement: 1 (maximum 4).
Degree of Disturbance: None

(* If the GM allows Ethereal Affiliation in his/her game; very non-canon.)

Unknown to most common angels, this Song is actually a variation on the Corporeal Song of Fruition. To discourage the concept of angels knowing the forbidden "Songs of Fruition", it has been renamed and taught to angels as a completely unique Song. Any Songmaster who has heard this Song and the Song of Fruition will immediately realize the truth; but such an angel can generally be trusted.

(Yes, the Corporeal Song of Fruition is technically legal... but Superiors are still very skittish when it comes to any of those Songs. Best to just not encourage your Servitors to explore Fruition at all, you see.)


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