The Songs of Collection

By Moe Lane (


Superiors don't usually give out these Songs, but they somehow get disseminated anyway. Any serious Collector will know at least the Celestial Song and either the Corporeal or the Ethereal. These Songs are also often incorporated into Collector-specific relics.

Campaigns not using Collectors can still use this Songs, as they do have some utility in tracking Remnants and someone who's recently been injured in Celestial combat. Also, attempting to track or capture one of your own old Forces gives a +1 to rolls.


The performer may examine a loose Force and know the last entity that it was part of. Attempting to trace further requires a Perception roll, at -1 for every century back the performer is trying to go. No details may be gathered from this Song except for the entity's most common name (if any) and species.

Duration: instant.


To use this Song the performer must possess a Force captured by the Celestial Song below. When performed, the Song will reveal the approximate direction and distance of the nearest Force that was ever bound into the same entity as the stabilized Force. By making a Will roll, the performer may exclude known affiliated Forces before singing this Song.

Duration: (2x the CD) minutes.


This Song will actually capture loose Forces: when performed, the targeted Force is permanently trapped in a suitable corporeal item (usually a bottle or vial). Destruction of the corporeal item releases the Force. This Song cannot bind the Force to an entity, or even to another loose Force: it merely allows the performer to carry it around as a 0-level relic. Also, a Force captured in this way has no known utility in the creation or maintenance of more normal artifacts.

Duration: permanent.

Bonus: Cherubim & Djinn (Ethereal)
Essence Requirement: 3 for the Corporeal and Ethereal Songs; 6 for the Celestial
Degree of Disturbance: 2


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