Numinous Corpus: Living Flames (Secret)

By Moe Lane


This Song is a somewhat more powerful (albeit riskier) variant of Numinous Corpus: Flame. The body of the performer turns to flame. Clothing and possessions are not affected, and indeed are in serious danger of combustion. In combat, this will add 3 Power to hand to hand attacks for every two levels of the Song: however, the performer will be vulnerable to water-based attacks. A regular garden hose will do 1d6 damage in Body Hits per turn, a fire extinguisher will do 2d6 damage and a fire hose will do 3d6. Also, the performer will require a steady oxygen supply or else suffer 1d6 damage per turn.

At level/3 and above, the performer may choose to instead turn part of their body into flame (only attacks using the body part get the bonus to combat). This is actually fairly popular: it's easier to control the side effects this way, and obviates the need to disrobe before using the Song.

Kyriotates and Shedim with this Song may choose to 'possess' an existing fire, maintaining it for the duration of the Song. Doing so will require an additional 1Essence per level of the Song: thus, creating a level/6 fire 'vessel' requires 7 Essence.

Obviously, this Song was originally known to Servitors of Divine and Infernal Fire only. However, Jordi was able to independently reproduce the effect. Indeed, he was able to improve on it: one of his Servitors worked out the partial transformation, and celebrated it by burning down Nero's Rome in AD 64. Apparently, the Roman custom of celebrating one holiday by taking foxes and setting their tails afire rankled in certain quarters...

Bonus: Fire
Available: Belial, Gabriel, Jordi


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