The Song of Undeath

By Rolland Therrien


These songs are recent discoveries of Saminga, and are now being taught freely to his Servitors. Few outside of his Servitors know these Songs. All except Celestial have a Duration of CD Hours.

Corporeal: This song allows the performer to enhance the physical abilities of a single undead. The undead will have its Strength and Agility improved by the amount of Essence spent.

Ethereal: This song allows the performer to impose his will upon a number of undead equal to the amount of Essence spent. The undead subjects must make a Will roll at a penalty equal to the performer's Ethereal Forces, or else he will obey all the demon's orders until the Song's duration ends.

Celestial: Upon singing this song before a single undead subject, the performer creates a sample item of the undead's need (a cup of blood, a human liver, etc). This specially created item, when consumed by that undead (and only that undead), will sustain his Need for a duration of CD days before he needs to meet it again.

Bonus: Death
Available: Saminga
Essence Requirment: 1
Degree of Disturbance: The check digit plus the undead's total Forces.


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