And I Feel Fine - Part 2: High Heaven

By Earl Wajenberg (


The day after her battle, while the Earth still rings with Disturbance, Gabriel presents herself before the Seraphim Council. As soon as the Council is called to order, she says, "I come to deliver my final message here. Let us go to Jacob's Ladder."

En masse, the Council teleports to the foot of the ladder. Gabriel announces, "I will no longer prophesy in Heaven, for there shall be no need. Behold!"

All look up the ladder. A figure is descending. Even Archangels gasp as they recognize Raphael. A second figure becomes visible above -- Uriel. And then a third -- Oannes. And a fourth -- the Metatron; only the eldest angels recognize it, but the news flies swiftly through the gathered Council. Behind the Metatron, descending like shining snow, comes a great host of saints and angels, those who ascended and those soul-slain.

Time and space are maleable in Heaven, even the Lower Heaven. In linear time, it would take years, decades, for that whole crowd to descend, but it happens while Earth still reels from Gabriel's victory over Belial, and while news spreads through the Lower Heaven and all gather at the foot of Jacob's Ladder. The Celestial City accomodates itself to the vast throng.

In the crowd, many embrace long-parted friends but few speak. Everyone knows, feels, that all questions will be answered soon.

The Metatron spreads its pinions and cries: "Prepare ye the way of the Lord!"

"At once I was in the Spirit, and there before me was a throne in heaven with someone sitting on it. And the one who sat there had the appearance of jasper and carnelian. A rainbow, resembling an emerald, encircled the throne." -- Revelation 4:2-3

Thereafter, the Throne is always visible from Lower Heaven, high in the sky, to the east. Even if you are indoors, you need only close your eyes and turn to the east, and you will see it. You can tell immediately that the bright humanoid form on the emerald throne is just a convenient form for the Light itself, and even that Light is just an appearance of... of the ineffable.

The Four Living Things, the Twenty-Four Elders, and the Seven Flames are also visible. (See Revelation 4.) In fact, these are manifestations of the Archangels. The Four are Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel. Yves and the Metatron are two of the Seven Flames, part of the sevenfold spirit of God. The Twenty-Four are the other Archangels, major and minor. At the moment, though, there are only twenty-one elders.

Away from the vision, the returning Archangels quickly take up their old duties in Heaven. (Remember, Superiors can be in many places at once.) The Metatron becomes the chairbeing of the Council, speaking very seldom, but ending all the old disputes that did not end of themselves with the opening of the Upper Heavens.

Roleplaying seed: Returnees

If the PCs have any friends who were soul-killed (in play or in backstory), they have the chance to meet them again. Will the meeting be heartwarming or awkward or both? (By the way, the Upper Heavens are, as in canon, wonderful but too ineffable to say much about, so returning saints and angels won't have any game-worthy details to relay.)

Roleplaying seed: Missing Returnees

The PCs have a friend who was soul-killed, and so seek them among the returning spirits, but fail to find them. What happened? Did they go to Hell? Are they still in Trauma in the Upper Heavens, or in Limbo, or where? Are they avoiding their old friends? If so, why?

Roleplaying seed: Old Masters

All the returning Archangels have former servitors, "orphans" who suddenly have their old masters available again. There is a rush of angels back to these masters. If the PCs or their friends are among them, there could be much soul-searching as angels decide whether to go or stay.

Some former orphans may suddenly find that they *are* re-attuned to their old masters' Words, willy-nilly. E.g., suddenly, you're an angel of Water again, not Wind anymore. How do you feel about that? More re-shuffling may ensue.

Roleplaying seed: Shifting Words

The returning Archangels mean a shifting of Word boundaries. For instance, Destiny, Lightning, and Revelation took up the slack when Raphael, Archangel of Knowledge, died. But Raphael is back. PCs may find old attunements and rites no longer work, while even older, half-forgotten ones suddenly work again.

Roleplaying seed: The Tsayadim

Go into the Marches and tell the Tsayadim that Uriel is back, then stand clear as they beat wings back to Heaven. That could be an adventure in itself. Another adventure ensues when they show up in Heaven. How does Uriel feel about them now? How does everyone else feel? Mass trials before the Metatron, anyone?


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