And I Feel Fine - Part 6: The 144,000

By Earl Wajenberg (


"Then I heard the number of those who were sealed: 144,000 from all the tribes of Israel." -- Revelation 7:4

For months now, everyone in Heaven has been accustomed to seeing twenty-one of the twenty-four Elders arrayed around the Throne of God. Indeed, the Elders were paid little attention, since the Occupant of that throne always drew in one's spiritual vision. But suddenly there were twenty-three Elders there, and people did notice. In minutes, every Archangel had manifested in the chambers of the Seraphim Council, and angels of Revelation began teleporting in with TV cameras and notepads.

In the center of the chamber stood two Archangels: Song and Death.

Death turned to Uriel. "You have called. I have come." Uriel nodded.

Song turned to Dominic. "Our sentence is done." And Dominic nodded. Song raised its hands, summoning, and new figures began to appear in the Council Chamber -- beautiful giants, male and female, with golden auras -- the Grigori, returning. "These are my closest servants," Song said. "But many remain on Earth. And in Limbo. And here on the Celestial Plane, in the gulf between Heaven and Hell. And on the Ethereal Plane. Many I can reach, but all must be gathered in."

Dominic nodded. "Their sentence, too, is done." Laurence added, "And Heaven needs all its angels, now."

"Tell me, Song," said Yves, in the tone of one giving a cue, "how did you spend your time on Earth?"

Song smiled. "I am Song. I composed. I bring many new Songs to Heaven." It gestured and, with a rustle, a thick stack of scores appeared before each Archangel, and before many senior angels, including Israfel, Angel of Music.

"And I am a Watcher," Song continued. "I watched. In large part, we all watched. Many of the new Songs I bring you were written to assist us in our spying. Thanks to them, many of us retreated to Limbo and yet could watch and report from there. Over the ages, we sent our findings to you, as well as we could. Here, now, is my final report." And Song gestured to Laurence; a thick folder appeared before his place. The Grigorian Archangel gestured more widely and similar folders appeared before every other Archangel.

"I bring you the Grigori, I bring you new Songs, I bring you intelligence for the War," Song said. "And I bring you a new Word. We Watchers have spied and explored everywhere, in our exile. And we have hidden everywhere. Including all the waste places of reality -- Limbo, the Outermost Marches, the Astral gulf between Heaven and Hell, even the Lower Hells. I led my Choir in that exploring, that hiding, that we might not fail in our duty, and that we might survive. And for that effort, I was given a second Word -- the Word of waste places and outer darkness. I am also Archangel of the Abyss."

Song, who is also Abyss, bowed low before the Metatron, offering its strange Word to Heaven. "Welcome back," the Metatron said.

"And just in time," said a new voice. All turned to it. "Eli!" cried Novalis. Throughout the Council Chamber, many angels and saints closed their eyes and turned to the East, to see the Throne, where now all twenty-four Elders stood in attendance. A buzz of wondering filled the room. Many looked to Dominic.

The Archangel of Judgement closed his hanging jaw with a snap, then reared up. "Eli," he said, his voice clear and calm, "why did you leave Heaven and your duties?"

Eli smiled. "I was on a secret mission from God!" He grinned at the Metatron, who smiled back and nodded. "Good enough?" he asked Dominic.

Dominic settled back onto his seat in silver coils. "Quite good enough. Thank you."

"What was this mission?" Yves asked, again giving a cue.

"Vessel 2.0," Eli announced. "It's immortal. Stress it to the point of death, and it instantly goes into potentiality. The owner automatically ascends, free of Trauma and ready to return, just like a Malakite with spare vessels. But, ah, I've only got up to the beta-test version; I can only attach one to a Child of the Grigori. That's why I'm so glad to see Song back."

"And how many of these new vessels are you prepared to make?" Yves prompts again.

"With all Archangels helping," Eli answered, "I estimate about ... 144,000." He grinned.

Laughter rippled through the Council chambers. But then Dominic rose again. "Heaven has an ancient contract to fulfill. Long ago, Abraham was promised that, in his children, all nations would be blessed. The details of that convenant are forgotten on Earth, but not here. Accordingly, I Judge that these new vessels should go to 144,000 children of the house of Israel who also bear Grigorian blood."

Roleplaying seed: The Muster of the Grigori

The Grigorian Archangel of Song is able to contact the bulk of the Grigori, and in fact many ascend to Heaven within hours of their Archangel's return. But quite a few remain hidden. They need to be called back. Song can give some clues, but leg work and detective work is needed. PCs can provide it.

The Grigori have found many obscure places to hide, so the hunt can take the PCs to almost any corner of the In Nomine setting, outside Hell -- the more remote, the better. Resident aliens in pagan pantheons, nomads in the gap between Heaven and Hell, hermits in Limbo, and members of the plankton floating for centuries through the seas in very tiny vessels, are just some of the possibilities, along with the usual hideaways in the human population.

Once the Grigori are back in Heaven, where do they go? Some may want to go back to their old Words and find they are still not welcome. Some may have signed on with Song during their long exile and find Song doesn't want to let them go. Or perhaps Abyss doesn't want to let them go; (same Archangel, different Word). The PCs can get involved in this if some of them are very old and have Grigorian friends -- or foes -- who have shown up again. Or if they make a new friend among the Grigori. ... Or if they find that a "human" or "Ethereal" ally of theirs has been a masquerading Grigor all this time.

Roleplaying seed: Eli's Return

With Eli's return, there will be another round of personnel reshuffling, like those that accompanied the returns of Raphael, Uriel, and Oannes. Eli's exoneration can have a roleplaying effect on old grudges between Creationers and their detractors.

Roleplaying seed: The Muster of the Children

Some of the 144,000 are already in Heaven, but some are on Earth. Or at least *candidates* are on Earth. It may be one's Destiny to be one of the 144,000, but not everyone achieves their Destiny. Yves can give information on where to find these candidates, but it will be up to various PCs to do the recruiting. Since many of the candidates did not even know they had Jewish blood, much less angelic blood, they are in for a shock. And they very likely have unfinished business. And they may not *want* to be recruited. Remember, they almost instinctively avoid celestials.

And what if Heaven overshoots? What if they make up the 144,000 and have Jewish Grigorids left over? Once these people are finally recruited, they are likely to want to play some role in the War as they now know it. Come up with something.

Then there are all the gentile Children. The faint suspicion that the Grigorids may be Heaven's ace in the hole has expanded into a roaring rumor among the Host. Many folk won't settle for the idea that the rumor has been "fulfilled" by recruiting the Children for the 144,000; they will be seeking out Children on Earth and in Heaven, to recruit for their own schemes. Some Grigori (not all) will be willing to help locate and convince their descendants.

Roleplaying seed: Death Angels

It is canonical that the Archangel of Death exists, but virtually nothing is written up about it. There are some non-canonical write-ups at:

Now that the Archangel of Death has (re)appeared in Heaven, its servitors come out of whatever cosmic woodwork they have been hiding in. It turns out that only a few Death Angels have operated out in the open, and those few have been deliberately kept in the dark about their Archangel and fellow servitors.

Heaven has a whole new sub-culture of angels to assimilate -- angels who know much more about the rest of Heaven than Heaven knows about them, but who are still quite foreign. You can roleplay meetings with Death Angels in Heaven -- personal encounters, or guest lecturers coming to gives get-acquainted talks to other Words, or official envoys of the Death Archangel working their way through diplomatic formalities. The tone of these encounters depends on how you paint the Heavenly Word of Death -- otherworldly, icy and dark, violent, or sentimental.

It may also be that some old acquaintance -- a supposed angel of Destiny or Fire or War -- turns out to have been an undercover Death Angel. That might take getting used to.

The Angels of Death are very powerful, numerous, and busy. Among their other duties, they saw that Hell only got souls that were truly damnable; they were the next-to-last filter before the Angels of Final Judgement at Hellgate. They were the reason ghosts are so rare. Death and Destiny worked together, secretly, to regulate reincarnation, and Death Angels escorted reincarnating souls to their new bodies.

And every Death Angel regards every Undead as a personal insult. They will be more than happy to help in raids on Saminga's zombie factories; in fact, they will have a tendency to lead them.


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