And I Feel Fine: Closing Remarks

By Earl Wajenberg (


I tried to make "And I Feel Fine" canonical, but there are some dodgy bits.

First, of course, I deliberately resolved several bits of Canonical Doubt and Uncertainty, like what Eli was off doing, and, most spectacularly, the status of Christ. This last was automatic in an IN rendition of dispensational apocalyptic.

Second, I supposed that all those thought "soul-killed" were really still in existence, either in the Upper Heavens or in the Lower Hells. This is only somewhat non-canonical, since the GM's Guide points out, in the section on running denominational variants of IN, that immortality of the soul is a very firm Christian doctrine.

Actually, I did more violence to dispensational theology, by making the damned be ultimately soul-killed after the creation of the Lake of Fire.

Finally, there's a *little* bit more to go. After the Millenium, Lucifer has one more chance to tempt everybody. Then he and his supporters are wiped off the Corporeal Plane by fire from Heaven.

Then there's your actual Judgement Day, when every soul in creation is hauled up before the throne of God and judged, the rejects being thrown into the Lake of Fire.

After that, there's a new creation. There are a few enigmatic hints about this at the end of Revelation, but very little material compared to all the colorful images used for the Tribulation. The most spectacular image is that of the New Jerusalem. Everyone has heard of the pearly gates and the streets of gold, but this city also has foundations of gemstone, and is more like a garden inside, being full of Trees of Life.

Most spectacularly, it's cubical, measuring about 1,400 miles on a side -- about the distance from New York to Houston, London to Athens, or Rome to (old) Jerusalem.

But this would only be the starting point for a whole new setting.


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