Adventure Seed: Buoyancy

By Manny Nepomuceno


The image in the window took a long time to resolve itself, but when it did, there was no doubt about it - the being on the other end was Dominic himself. The cloaked and cowled Seraph was looking at the Webcam with two of his eyes, his other four focused elsewhere. It was noted that the Archangel of Judgment was not a touch-typist.

"Report," he pecked out on the keyboard.

Fortunately, Donovan was used to his Archangel's eccentricities. As an Ofanite, he was often accused of being eccentric himself. "Sixteen interviewed, Most Holy. Two with dissonance, but they're working it off at a Tether. Angels of the Sword."

"Have they been dealt with?" Dominic asked.

"Yes, Most Holy. They are being watched. And one of Eli's reports that he's seen him lately."

"Eli? In San Francisco?"

"Yes, Most Holy."

"What was he doing?"

"According to the angel of Creation, he was auditioning, sir."

Dominic paused. "Auditioning?"

Half an hour later, a triad of Judgment was dispatched from Heaven to San Francisco with newly-minted vessels and very, very detailed instructions. No Malakim were assigned to the triad, but all three of its members were grim - this was dangerous duty, and the most unpleasant kind. None of their fellows envied them their earthside assignment.

Donovan met them at the nearest Tether. "Greetings, I am Donovan," he addressed the senior member of the Triad, a Seraph who had seen the fall of the Grigori.

"Ack-sellent," replied another member of the Triad, stressing the first syllable. An Ofanite like himself, Donovan noted. The Seraph glared at him, but said nothing.

"He's under orders not to talk unless he absolutely has to," the third member of the Triad offered. A Mercurian this time - clearly, this Triad didn't intend to get into any fights.

"I see...were you briefed beforehand?" Donovan asked.

"Thoroughly," the Mercurian replied, smiling. "Let's get to work."

It's Heaven's worst nightmare. Eli, Archangel of Creation, has finally surfaced, and he's involved in one of Nybbas's biggest projects. This time around, he's a 19-year old boy named Kevin Neil Simons, and one of the five members of Buoyancy, the hottest new boy band to hit the charts since N'Sync. (Or Westlife. Or Plus One.) Two members of a Judgment triad are also in the band, ostensibly to observe the Archangel, but with orders to report back to Dominic the instant they discover anything even remotely alluding to collusion between Nybbas and Eli. Of course, they're in the limelight too, and loving every moment of it. The third member of the triad is one of their roadies, and is widely believed to be mute.

The great thing about having the Archangel of Creation in a band is that the songs are always catchy. Even dour Michael has been heard to hum the latest Buoyancy hit, although he denies having heard of the band. The difficult thing about having Eli in the public eye is that he hogs the spotlight - the fan mail addressed to "Kevin Neil" is carted to the agency twice a day.

That hasn't kept Eli from crafting all sorts of artifacts, however - just the other day, one of the Dominicans had to pilfer a microphone that had the Ethereal Song of Attraction bound into it, courtesy of the Archangel of Creation.

Unfortunately, things are coming to a head - Dominic wants some results, Eli is getting more and more temperamental with each passing day, and Nybbas (who is, after all, nobody's fool, unlike certain other Demon Princes) is beginning to notice a lot of angelic interest in Buoyancy. Time is running out for the three members of the triad, and there's no telling what will happen when Eli decides he wants to do a duet with Britney Spears...


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