Humanity v2.0 Beta... Or Maybe Not

By Rev. Pee Kitty (


Vapula is on an old kick of his - trying to figure out new ways to improve humanity. Evolution CAN be taken to the next level, if he can only kick start it a bit... and he's finally figured out just the Song to do it - THIS time, for SURE!

The new Song (Corporeal, tentatively named the Song of Evolution, Mark LII - like we said, it's an old kick) actually demonstrates some patience on Vapula's part. It has no long-term effects on its human subjects; instead, it causes any children conceived by affected humans to be...different. How different? Vapula isn't 100% sure, and since alpha testing would take nine months and a decent sampling of test subjects, he's going straight to beta test.

Song of Evolution, Mark LII (Corporeal)

This Song affects a number of humans equal to the performer's Celestial Forces, all of whom must be within (Total Forces) yards. It lasts for the check digit, times twice the Essence spent, in minutes. It has no direct effect on the subjects, but any children conceived while under the effects of this Song will be... different. Note that this Song does nothing to encourage amorous feelings in the subjects, or to increase their fertility.

Essence Cost: 1 (no maximum)
Degree of Disturbance: The check digit plus the performer's Celestial Forces.

The obvious problem is the short duration and the lack of a guarantee that the subjects will successfully impregnate each other. Vapula, however, has a plan to get around both problems (without resorting to the Song of Fruition, which seemed to interfere with SEMLII during experimentation). He needs an orgy. A large, controlled orgy.

This is where the Andrealphites come in.

Vapula has called in favors to requisition some Servitors of Lust, for the express purpose of creating an orgy. These will be mixed with his own Servitors, bearing SEMLII relics and a few reliquaries as well. Together, they are to head to a high-class hotel in a nearby major city (no sleazy, cheap motels here - Vapula wants high-grade test subjects), get people together in a room somewhere, get them copulating (unprotected) en masse, and then begin judicious use of SEMLII to keep everyone "ready" at all times. The chances of any one couple conceiving are slim, but Vapula figures that 15-20 couples have a pretty good chance of producing at least one offspring. Djinn will be ready with their palmtops to track every female there until the status of their womb is known, of course.

This is the way it's supposed to work.

Unfortunately, Malphas has found out about this, and is putting his specialists on it. From the moment the groups get together, elite Servitors of Factions will be shadowing them, using every trick in their book to divide the two factions against each other. In this case, they'll be encouraging solidarity between the Vapulans and between the Lusties, and major hostility between the two sides. By the time they get to the hotel, the two sides should be ready to throw grenades at each other. They'll still work together enough on the surface, but all it'll take is one little excuse to set off the powderkeg... and the Malphites specialize in providing such excuses.

This adventure seed can be played a few ways. Servitors of Andrealphus and Vapula fit right in. Well-versed Servitors of Malphas can play the part above. But it probably works best for all the other groups out there... just have them happen to be around the hotel when the powderkeg goes off, and the demons start trying to kill each other in the middle of a full scale orgy in the back room of one of the biggest and "poshest" hotels in town. GMs with a taste for overkill can have a Shriners convention in town with a few dozen Servitors of Kobal in tow... it's all about those funny hats and the cars, y'know. Season to taste, and don't forget about the obvious followup adventure... nine months later....


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