Mirror, Mirror

By Erich Arendall


Or: In Nomine Even More Backwards, While Moving Forwards
Alternately: Don't Point That Canon at Me!

So, if you've even a passing familiarity with "classic" Star Trek then you probably know about the episode in which Kirk travels to a mirror universe, where the Federation is titled something else and people raise in power by treachery and deceit. Fun, no? I always wanted to game in the "Mirror Universe," too.

Idea Seed (aka, the point):

What would happen if Vapula, through complete accident, tore a hole in the spacetime continuum that the PCs fell through? In this alternate world, the diabolicals won their revolution and angels are a freedom-fighting force. Think Dark Victory(TM) from the start, rather than later in the War.

Lucifer reigns in Heaven, the imprisoned Michael his trophy. The remaining Archangels fled to Pergatory (what would have been Hell in Canon) and are more concerned with regaining Heaven than helping Humanity.


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