The Box

By Manny Nepomuceno


It started out as a harmless thing, really. Some Creationers in service to Stone decided to bring a party into the Catacombs, so they took a Playstation and some games up with them to Heaven. How were they to know that David himself would walk in on them and confiscate their artifact?

Truth be told, they didn't get to spend all that much time on the machine anyway. While Tekken didn't go over too well with true-blue Trogs (both sides had a bad tendency to stand around, waiting for the other to strike first), games like Gran Turismo and Dance Dance Revolution were a big hit with the Stone crew. Elohim and Mercurians especially loved that last game, although no end of Kyriotates complained that it was too easy: all they had to do was manifest more feet.

When David walked in, everyone suddenly found other things to do. The Archangel of Stone took one look at the Playstation and ordered everyone out of the cave. Half an hour later, the cave was sealed off, inaccessible to all save David himself. The Creationers awaited the Archangel's summons, apprehensive as to their punishment.

The summons never came. Two days later, the Archangel of Stone emerged from the cave, asking politely for the second "Final Fantasy VII" disc. David was hooked.

The first signs of trouble came during a Council meeting, when the Archangel of Stone asked Laurence about the possibility of creating a sword with a pistol-like grip. Later that same meeting, he was also heard to mutter to himself about "materia". Dominic swerved a couple of eyes his way, but decided against looking into the matter -- this was David, after all, and David wasn't exactly known for heretical (or innovative) thinking. Even Michael raised an eyebrow when David proposed that Jordi look into creating chocobo for Heaven's use. Marc, who knew what David was talking about, rolled his eyes and allowed the Malakite to go on about raising giant, fast-moving birds. Still, this was David, and his obsession with video games couldn't last forever.

It didn't. There were only so many new games to play, so many new platforms to try out. In just under three months, the Archangel of Stone chewed his way through every Final Fantasy game ever created, along with a few others that only existed in dreams (getting Blandine to loan those to David took a lot of string-pulling). He's heard the news of a new platform, one that the rest of the world is eagerly waiting for: the X-box.

You can imagine the Archangel's chagrin when he learned that the X-box was one of Vapula's toys; Jean gave him the cold shoulder for even mentioning the damned thing. David, ever slow, took some time to realize that if Vapula had it, then most likely Jean did, too. And surely Jean's version was safe to use?

Unfortunately, by the time he came to that conclusion (no one has ever accused David of being quick), Jean had already decided that David had had enough video games.

And that's where you come in, Commander. You and your men are to infiltrate the Halls of Progress and liberate that game console. Return safely with the unit and you'll have David's eternal gratitude, plus some nice bonuses that we'll discuss later. Don't let anyone see you, don't break the Pax Dei, but don't you dare come back here without that box. And grab some games while you're at it.

Any questions? No? Good. Now get going.


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