Word Competition

By Phillip DesJardins


So you've got a Word. That's great. It's a sign you've been doing well and that Someone Down There thinks you're worth a little effort. And I'm sure if this were Heaven that'd be great. They'd give you some paltry gift and expect for that to be it.

But no, this is Hell, so we have higher aspirations, not to mention standards. And that means that you've set your sights on something bigger. A Word's only good so long as it's taking your somewhere, right?

This was the thought running through the minds of three demons: Harhas, a Habbalite of Kronos and Demon of Unecessary Risk-taking; Chesil, Balseraph of Haagenti and Demon of Eating Things You Probably Really Shouldn't; and Mikloth, a Lilith working under Kobal as the Demon of Retroactive Idiocy (Lit: "That which sounded like a reasonable idea at the time"). And, as great minds think alike, they have all managed to petition for the same Word: Poor Decision Making. It's a Word that they each think suits them well and that all three respective Princes would enjoy having under their auspices.

The Lightbringer, in his infamous, err, infinite wisdom has proposed a simple test to determine which of the three will recieve this Word: They are to be taken to (insert name of where your game is taking place here). Each of them has been bugged with a special attunement from Nybbas (Who 'volunteered' to help Lucifer for this) which allows Lucifer to watch their every movement so long as they are withing line of sight of any visual media and listen in on them through similar means. The task: They have 24 hours. In that time they must ruin as many lives as possible. The catch? Given the Word they're all going for, they only score for the victim if they suffer as a result of the choices they made. Manipulation, subterfuge and sabatoge are fine, but the victim has to go along with the idea.

And now of course is where the players get involved. I personally think this works best as a angelic scenario, with the players trying to put a stop to this and protect as many people as they can (And when the opposition is three low-level but respectable Wordbound that can be difficult). As Demons, they would probably represent various Princes allied or opposed to any of the contestants, trying to rig things one way or the other. Not too blatantly; the Morning Star is watching, after all.


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