New Discord: Bad Luck

By Josh Moger


The Bad Luck discord strikes indiscriminately, angelic and demonic sufferers have been reported to the Judgement and the game. Curiously, Kobalites aren't the demons who have this most often. No, strangely it's servitors of Kronos who carry that dubious honor.


Funny that.

Level 1-2: Minor blips in life. These sort of things have to be roleplayed. Let the GM hide your car keys (but not at the start at a highspeed chase- at least not at this level) or have you be unable to find the information you need at a library. Mostly just annoyances.

Level 3-6: The GM rolls the 2d6 at the beginning of the game. At (2d6- the level of discord) times during the session, the GM decides when the character falls prey to his/her bad luck. Yes, it seems that those with a higher level of discord get off easier.

Well... no. They do have fewer times when their bad luck gets them, but when it does their luck becomes spectacularly bad.

Sure, a celestial with level 6 discord may have only one bad time during their campaign, but when it happens...

GMs are encouraged to smile nastily.

It should also be noted that high levels of the Bad Luck discord seem to be accompanied with growing levels of Paranoia.


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