Bad Dubbing (Corporeal Discord)

By Prodigal


This discord most commonly manifests among demons of the Media (particularly in Asia,) but those serving Dark Humor run the closest of seconds (largely due to Kobal taking grim amusement in forcing it upon those among his servitors who don't know when to shut up around him).

The celestial suffering from this discord finds that the movements of its mouth do not match what it is actually saying. While this has the useful side effect of adding its level to the celestial's skill at the Corporeal song of Tongues (if the celestial knows it,) few of those suffering from it find the resulting trade-off of being more easily misunderstood in all languages worth the cost. Also, although this is a corporeal discord, it affects all forms of non-written communication used by the one suffering from it.

Level 1: The celestial's voice changes, either rising (if in of favoring a female vessel) or lowering (if in of favoring a male vessel) one octave from its normal tone whenever speaking. The message conveyed in the celestial's words remains almost completely unchanged (except for slurred pronunciation of some letters,) with perhaps one word in ten not being heard as the celestial is trying to say it.

Level 2: In addition to the effects of level 1, the celestial's lips no longer match the words spoken. The words heard by any listeners will either end at least one second before the words they hear, or continue one second longer. The celestial also now speaks with the pronounced accent (which usually does not match the ethnic group that the celestial's vessel is modeled after.)

Level 3: Entire sections of what the celestial is trying to tell any listeners begin to creep into its speech, with its lips moving further out of synch with what it says.

Level 4: The effects of the discord now affect the celestial's Ethereal form.

Level 5: The effects of the discord now effect the celestial's Celestial form.

Level 6: The celestial now speaks in sentences no longer than two or three words, no matter how complex a message it is trying to convey, and what few words it does manage to say can only be understood by making a Perception-4 roll.


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