Discord: EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse)

By Josh Moger


This corporeal discord is usually seen in only three specific classes of celestials: Servitors of Lightning and Technology, and the odd Calabite. For the first two it's a result of compounded Word-dissonance. Calabim can only pick this up as their initial discord, as it fits well with their entropic nature.

The discord's effects occur once per day. As its name suggests, the discord causes the vessel of the celestial to release an electro-magnetic pulse of (level in yards) distance around the celestial. The EMP will cause any electrical device to be knocked out for 2d6 hours. Servitors of Lightning and Technology have a reaction roll of -2 for every level another celestial of their Superior who possesses this discord. Servitors with this discord also cannot summon their Superior, they have to either wait till their Superior takes notice and fixes the discord or have a fellow servitor summon the respective Superior for them. Calabim with EMP as their initial discord aren't treated any differently than usual by the above servitors.

It's interesting to note that there have been cases of Jean purposefully inflicting this discord upon servitors who have relied too much on their toys, or even worse- Vapulan equipment. Jean is careful not to let them suffer for too long and makes sure to use a Cherub or Malakite to judge the angel's progress and summon Jean when it seems that the angel has learned his or her lesson.

Those that don't tend to be the ones that quickly Fall into Vapula's ranks.

Strangely, they seem to do so with a high level of EMP...


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