New Ethereal Discord

By S.D. Ryukage


Hatred: This can be treated somewhat like Need (Hurt X group). However, it only comes into play when the Discordant one is faced with a member of the group in question. Groups can be Choirs/Bands, Outcasts, Renegades, Servitors of a specific Word, Soldiers of God, Hellsworn, etc. When faced with a member or members of the group in question, a Will roll minus levels of this Discord, minus one for every other member after the first, must be made to resist attacking the Hated person immediately.

Notes: If a Malakite has an oath to the effect of "I will not suffer a member of X group to live" and Hatred of the same group, s/he cannot resist the effects of this Discord. Likewise for Lilim Geased to harm members of the group they Hate. Also, it's advised that the groups be made fairly specific, barring an opposing Intervention on a roll to determine Discord. 'Seraphim of War' may be too specific, 'Angels of War' or 'Seraphim' is okay, 'Angels' is too broad, and 'Celestials' is just suicidal.

"Get to the Point Already!": Anyone with this Discord will never, ever, be blunt about anything. Statements made will be as general or obscure as possible. They're always true (from the speaker's point of view) and always make sense (to the speaker...) The level determines if they can ever be quick and to the point:

1-2: Actual speech (Corporeal or Celestial languages)
3-4: Other types of quick communication, such as sign language (even Judgement handsigns), etc.
5-6: Recorded information, such as letters, e-mail, etc.

These are cumulative. To get specific, a Will roll minus the levels of this must be made, and if failed, the Discordant person must try to come up with an even more general/obscure/etc statement than normal.


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