Tournament-Style Discord: Giant Panda Attack

By Moe Lane


(With apologies to PVP)

At random intervals, a panda will come and savagely attack the poor unfortunate saddled with this Discord (3d6 Hits of the appropriate type). This is not a real panda, actually - which means that the damage cannot be blocked (this explicitly includes any use of the Songs of Shields). No one without Symphonic Awareness will ever notice the sudden appearance of or mauling by the panda, either. The 'attack' can happen anywhere - except in Heaven, and even then the attack is simply delayed until the next time the angel goes to somewhere not under the Pax Dei.

At the beginning of every session, the GM should roll versus a target number of 8, minus the level of the Discord: if the roll is failed, then a Giant Panda Attack will take place at the next convenient occasion. The attack will be heralded by some sort of panda imagery (panda dolls, pictures of pandas, someone mentioning pandas at the zoo): the character must roll versus Perception to notice. If the player then immediately shouts "NO! NOT A GIANT PANDA ATTACK!" and cringes (this must be roleplayed out!) then the damage rolled is cut in half, rounded down.

Observant and/or cruel GMs will note the possible applications of this Discord in the field of operant conditioning, especially if his or her particular game world is suddenly full of panda imagery just waiting to be noticed with a Perception roll. That being said, the GM is solemnly urged to not attempt to get the player to cringe and shout "NO! NOT A GIANT PANDA ATTACK!" in real life, too.

Well, unless you really want to.

Reaction Modifiers: -1/level. Running around with your head in your arms and shouting about giant invisible attacking pandas is kind of strange.


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