Incandescence (Celestial Discord)

By Fallen Seraph


This Celestial Discord is one of the inconvenient types that reveal the celestial's nature. It affects both angels and demons, although in a slightly different manner. It is also far more common amongst the Horde.

Any symbols of a divine religion within Cel Forces x Level feet are affected according to the following table (for demons):

The symbol heats up, becoming extremely warm (though not hot enough to burn)

The symbol becomes scaldingly hot, and if held, requires a Will roll to keep hold of it.

As /2 above, but the symbol actually starts smouldering.

The symbol bursts into flame, inflicting 1 body hit per round on anyone holding it, and requiring a will roll at -2 each round to keep hold of. There is a good chance it will set flammable materials aflame if it is in contact with them.

The symbol becomes a raging inferno, inflicting D3 body hits on the holder, and is automatically dropped.

The symbol explodes violently, inflicting D6 body hits on anyone within 2 feet.

This discord operates somewhat diferently for Angels. At each level, the symbol glows brighter and brighter, becoming unbearable to look at. anyone looking in the direction of the symbol suffers a penalty to vision related rolls equal to Level / 2.

Interestingly, this discord can also affect ethereals. only two cases of this have ever been recorded, and on both occasions it was the angelic form that was observed. The ethereals in question were a servant of the Loas, and an escaped dream fragment that appeared to have taken on the form of Edward the Confessor. Dominic obviously has both these reports, and they are both ultra-classified. still, rumours persist...


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