Onomatopoeia (Corporeal Discord)

By Sirea Theyal


This Discord is commonly given out by Kobal when he's in one of his more scathing moods, or really wants one of his demons to suffer. It causes the demons actions to be "onomatopoeized". His actions typical sounds will be replaced by a loud and annoying voice announcing the action, with more and more of his actions being onomatopoeized as the Discord gets higher. For instance, if the demon coughed, intead of the usual noise, a voice would intead loudly say "COUGH!" for everytime he coughed. This Discord causes a -2/level reaction.

Level 1: Maybe an occasional action will be voiced- such as sniffing, sighing, or hitting something.

Level 2: Most normal actions will be voiced, and more important actions, such as attacking (Attack! Hit! Cut! Splorch!), walking (Step step step turn hop step step), or expressions (Frown... smile! Confused?) will be occasionally voiced.

Level 3: Now the demon is noticeable. All normal actions will be voiced, as will be most important actions.

Level 4: The Discord becomes externalized. If the demon is driving for instance, the voice will be constantly saying "Drive, drive drive, turn, stop, drive, speed, whoosh! CRASH!" and so on. Being stealthy is now impossible (guards will wonder why they keep hearing a voice say "Sneak, sneak, sneak, plot, plot, sneak, shink! Stab!")

Level 5: At this level, the demon loses the power to speak. Everything he says will simply be onotomopetized. (Talk! Talk talk... YELL! Whiiiiine!!!)

Level 6: EVERYTHING the demon does, down to the last possible detail, will be voiced, making being around the demon very funny. And then annoying. And then dangerous. Communiucation is impossible.


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