Discord: Phazed Out (Celestial)

By Moe Lane


This particularly odd Discord usually manifests itself among those who have been subjected to some sort of oddity in the space-time continuum, but has been known to occur in those who have somehow managed to combine the smashing of one's Heart and an Intervention.

Either kind.

A Phazed Out celestial will find himself perpetually out of step with whatever plane he or she (never it: Shedim and Kyriotates don't get to have this Discord) is currently on. They retain a full sensorium and can somehow be seen and heard. However, they cannot be affected by any other means. Attacks, Songs, Resonances, Attunements - nothing. Neither may they affect anyone else - including other Phazed Out Celestials - with one exception (see below).

The secondary effects vary from plane to plane: On the corporeal plane, The Phazed Out may not use Tethers.
On the ethereal plane, Phazed Out individuals are incapable of ever entering a dreamscape.
On the Celestial plane, Phazed Out individuals do not regenerate Essence at all.

There is also one universal advantage to being Phazed Out: items that are normally insubstantial to others (such as being in vesselspace, Scabbarded or corporeal objects on the celestial plane) are never insubstantial to them. They neither steal vessels (not that they really need to) nor damage them, but 'carried' items are not so fortunate.

As one might note, being Phazed Out is a Renegade's Dream - for a while, at least. Only a Superior can get to you (and they don't like being Summoned just to stamp on a nuisance as petty as yourself), you can pretty much go anywhere you like and make obscene gestures to anybody you like. Admittedly, only Djinn seem to be able to handle it for too long, but there's something to be said for following around particularly uptight angels for a while and making their lives a living Hell through snide commentary. After all, it's not like they can shut you up...

Reaction modifiers: -1/level, demons (you're a slacker); -2/level, Renegades (you're a subject for sheer envy); -3/level, angels and Servitors of the Game (you're a royal, LOUD pain in the posterior); don't even bother rolling, Servitors of the Sword with the Scabbard Attunement (they'll be too busy preemptively Summoning their Archangel to go medieval on your buttocks - he just may, too).


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