Photosynthesis (Celestial Discord)

By Alex Liddell


This Discord primarily affects Servitors of Novalis, either by absorbtion of Dissonance or by the Archangel of Flowers herself as a lesson in nature's laws. Demons have shown this Discord very rarely, and then, they are Servitors of Dark Humour.

The Discord works by changing a Vessels metabolic structure so that it only works under sunlight. Celestials who don't stay in the Sun find themselves lethargic and unable to perform most simple tasks without re-energising their cells first. Photosynthesis is a Celestial Discord and shows up a a bright green glow around a Celestial form. If the requirements of the Discord are not met each day, the afflicted suffers a penalty to all Strength, Agility, Precision and Will rolls equal to the level of the Discord. This penalty vanishes if the requirement is met. Or at the beginning of the next sunrise.

Photosynthesis/1: At this level you only have to be in the Sun for 1 hour a day continuously. If you break the cycle even by going inside or sheltering under an umbrella you must start again. A Vessel will have slight green tinges around the major glandular areas of the body, the neck, armpits, groin and inner thighs. They also have a minor green tinge to their blood. Analysis will reveal traces of chlorophyll.

Photosynthesis/2: Nothing less than 2 hours a day in constant sunshine. The green tinge increases slightly and also begins to form around the eyelids and lips. The blood is darker than usual and greener. They must also drink 1 glass of water.

Photosynthesis/3: 3 hours in constant sunhine and 2 glasses of water no less than 500m in volume. Celestials who do not meet this requirement before the Sun sets do not have their Stat penalty removed at Sunrise the next day. It stays and they must spend double the amount of time in the Sun in order to remove the negatives. They now have a definate green tinge to their eyes and face. The hair on their bodies begins to feel like grass and they give off a slight smell of hay.

Photosynthesis/4: 4 hours in the sun before it sets and they have to drink 1 Liter of water. Like the previous level the penalty will not go away until double the amount of time is spent in constant sunshine. If there is no 8 hour sunlight in the Celestial's location then they take body hits equal to twice the amount of time remaining on their clock, and the penalty is removed. They smell like grass and look really sick. Their blood is more green than red.

Photosynthesis/5: 5 hours in the sun and 2 Liters of water (not in one sitting but over the course of the 5 hours). If they fail to meet the requirement then they must spend the whole of the next day outside in the sun or their Vessels expire from lack of energy. The Vessel is reduced to 0 Body Hits at sunset. They regain 1 body hit if in the direct sunlight at the beginning of the next day and can start their cycle afresh. All other penalties are removed. They look no different than before.

Photosynthesis/6: They must spend the whole day in constant sunlight and they must consume a number of Liters of water equal to their Corporeal Forces. Clouds will not affect the cycle but shade from any other source cuts off the Celestial's link. Their blood is totally green and is completely comprised of Chlorophyll. All the hair on their body resembles an Autumn leaf if in Autumn or a fresh green one in Summer. All their hair falls out in Winter. Their bodies are more green than any other colour. Failure to adhere to the cycle results in their Vessel passing out. Their Vessel will die if not in direct sunlight at sunrise the next day.

By the way, any excretory functions of the body cease even though they are drinking water constantly. The water is totally absorbed by their body during the cycle. If anyone could tell, they also emit vast quantities of Oxygen over the cycle as well.


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