Need (Self-Resonance)

By Moe Lane (


This Celestial Discord is mostly confined to demons (although it has shown up in Malakim, and no Lilim has ever displayed the symptoms). The user has the compelling urge to use his resonance on himself, with results as follows:

Balseraphs giggle madly and usually acquire delusions of grandeur;

Djinn grab the largest weapon handy, put their backs to the wall, and attack anyone that invades their personal space;

Calabim take damage. Without dissonance, and apparently it's vaguely erotic for them;

Habbalah just get really, really intense and talk a mile a minute;

Malakim end up feeling very, very guilty;

Shedim acquire a split personality;

and Impudites actually act as happy as the average Mercurian.

In any case, the Need requires a Will Roll -4 to activate and lasts for an hour. The sensation itself is apparently very pleasant, but the aftermath may not be.

The Discord also comes with a -1 reaction modifier for every level: the various personality changes are fairly severe, and frankly most celestials find this sort of thing done in public to be, well, _uncouth_. It's also rumored that abusing your resonance in this way will lead to other types of permanent damage (a _lot_ of celestials with this Discord also have Celestial Blindness), but it hasn't been proved yet.


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