Several New Discords

By W S


Scapegoat (Ethereal)

An older, rarely seen Discord, Scapegoat tends to strike across the boundaries fairly evenly - although it has a slightly higher occurance rating among Malphas's and Novalis's crews.

Within a number of yards equal to the level of the Discord, everyone but the Celestial gains a level of Anger equal to the level of Scapegoat, directed at the afflicted Celestial. Meaning that at high levels, it's fairly difficult to actually go out in public...

Gremlin-itis (Ethereal)

Almost exclusivly occuring among Jean and Vapula's groups, this Discord has also manifested in older celestials- primarily the ones who gripe about 'newfangled wiggits'. It manifests itself as a series of minor mental blocks that reduce the effectiveness of any attempt at using technology more modern than a carriage.

Whenever a roll involves using some piece of technology, a penelty equal to the level of the Discord is subtracted from the target number, and any failed rolls add the Discord's level to the CD. In addition, a natural CD of 6 on a failed roll will simply destroy a computer or similiar complex device (including many modern cars!)

Hotshot (Celestial)

Far and away, Michael's crowd grabs this particular Discord - although it's also relativly common among the Wheels and demonkind in general. It compels the Discordant to prove, at every instance, that they are the best at something. It can be a game, dealmaking, or (most generally) combat.

The celestial should choose some stimulus, approved by the GM, when they get a level of Hotshot. Whenever either someone else demonstrates the least ability at something, or they claim more than a beginner's skill, the Discordant celstial must make a Will roll minus the Skill level of the person they are accusing (it's harder to resist a good challenge). Furthermore, when engaged in a contest related to one of their stimuli, the Hotshot must risk (-1 target, +1 CD) with each action as they try to show off.

Insomniac (Ethereal)

This mostly appears among Blaindine and Beleth's folks, although any Celestial who commonly frequents the Marches is prone to bouts of Insomnia. Toss and turn as they might, such celestials find it almost impossible to get and stay asleep by willing it.

The Will check to get to sleep, the Song of Dreams, and any roll made while in the Marches is at a penelty equal to the level of the Discord!

As a note, this Discord usally accompanies Need (Sleep).

Loud (Corporeal)

This Discord simply makes someone obnoxiously loud - it's as if a microphone were on them at all times. Even when they try to moderate themselves and be quiet, they usally fail.

When the Celestial attempts to do anything in a quiet or soothing fashion, they are at a penelty equal to the level of Loud they possess. If they are trying to be silent, or go unnoticed, double the penelty.

There is a much more rarely seen Celestial version which causes any Disturbance created by the celestial to be multiplied by the level of the Discord! The least thing they do can easily be heard clear across town.

Role Reversal (Celestial)

This particular discord is most commmonly imposed on Celestials from their Superiors, as they try and teach their prodigals to maintain their Role a bit better in the future. It constricts a Celestial's supernatural powers and prowess - but also enhances mundane skills related to the Role the Celestial currently has.

Any supernatural power of the afflicted (including resonances, attunements, Songs, activating artifacts- anything a 5 forces human couldn't do) is at a penalty equal to the level of Role Reveresal. Any roll related to the celestial's current Role, however, is at a bonus equal to Role Reversal.


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