Some Days, You Just Can't Get Rid Of A Bomb (Celestial Discord)

By Sirea Theyal


This Discord, yet another favorite of Kobal, makes life miserable for any hard-working celestial who's just trying to get some damned work done for their boss... it basically modifies chaotic events so that they work against the celestial whenever he's trying to get something constructive done. An Impudite trying to toss a grenade at an angel in the abandoned downtown will suddenly find that a parade decided to come down the street, and the angel ran into the middle of it. A Calabite will have his resonance backlash, only to find that the next 6 humans he tries to use it on all seem to have 3 Celestial Forces and a Will of 10. The Discord was named by the first angel who ever had it, a Malakite of the Sword, while he was trying to get rid of a bomb and found that no matter where he went there was something that stopped him from chucking it. Whenever the celestial needs to do something quickly, so that he may avoid disaster, something will just seem to come up that will prevent the celestial from doing it, usually involving more dissonance if he ignores the effects of the Discord anyway.

Level 1: Small things will annoy the celestial, but only for mostly trivial activities.

Level 2: Small things still, but this time it's happening during more important moments.

Level 3: Small things again, but it's happening all the time, which gets a little annoying.

Level 4: As above, but now big problems appear for trivial things.

Level 5: As above, but now big problems appear for all trivial things, and many important things.

Level 6: The demon or angel may as well give up on trying to get anything constructive done. No matter what he does, it's going to be very, very difficult.


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