By Moe Lane


Wrongs (Celestial) (3/level)

This Discord can show up in both angels and demons: unfortunately for the sufferers, it's also one that many Superiors show little if any interest in removing. After all, from their point of view it's a wonderfully efficient method of negative reinforcement.

Wrongs are the mirror images of Rites: a sufferer from them loses Essence whenever he, she or it performs a particular action that is contrary (but not necessarily dissonant) to the Word that the celestial serves. Each level of Wrongs gives the celestial two conditions that, if performed, drains one Essence per day per specific condition: if the celestial has insufficient Essence, he, she or it will take 2d6 Soul Hits instead. The GM always chooses these conditions, and is encouraged to be as creative about assessing when a Wrong has been perpetuated as players are about claiming when a Rite has been fulfilled.

For example, a Servitor of War acquires Wrongs/1. The GM decides that the conditions are "Don't stand up to evil" and "Support peace at a cost to the innocent" (neither of which are automatically dissonant for normal Servitors of War, but not conducive to Michael's mindset either). If the Servitor then walks past someone bullying another without doing anything about it, he loses an Essence (but only one, no matter how many acts of bullying he ignores that day). Participating (or just not stopping) a peace demonstration against a war might also be worth the loss of one Essence, depending on the war. Not shooting any power-mad dictator that happens to be within range would almost certainly be worth the loss of two Essence.

As the above might suggest, this Discord is indifferent to political considerations, legitimate interpretations, personal safety, mission parameters and just about everything else. Furthermore, celestials that have perpetuated a Wrong suffer the usual Celestial Discord penalty on their next daily attempt to regenerate Essence.

Reaction Modifiers: Thankfully, most Superiors don't actually react especially badly to someone with Wrongs/1 to 2 (although they'll be a bit reluctant to remove it). The Inquisition and the Game don't even take special pains to bother sufferers from it (probably because the universe is doing such a marvelous job on its own in punishing the sufferer). That's for somebody with Wrongs/1 to 2. Wrongs/3 and above is worth -3/level. There's a difference between being screwing up and being a screw-up.


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