Baal's Special Bullets

By Rev. Pee Kitty


The Demon Prince of the War is known for his paradoxial combination of overwhelming, arrogant pride and common-sense pragmatism. While the latter has led him to craft these specialized Unholy Bullets, it is the former which keeps him from loading up an M60 with a belt of each type. Instead, he has a rack within his barracks containing several old-fashioned, six shot revolvers... one for each Archangel. It is worth noting that Baal has yet to use these "aces" - he has merely made Heaven aware of his arsenal, that they know not to push him too far.

Blandine: Designed specifically for Ethereal combat, Disquiet is one of Baal's more horrible type of ammo. Although they function as normal Unholy Bullets in the Marches (doing Mind or Soul hits), it is their infamous ability to be fired into a dreamscape from the outside that cemented Blandine's outrage. If Baal is forced to face the Archangel of Dreams in her territory, every dreamer within range will become a hostage.

Christopher: In addition to, or instead of, doing normal damage, Hourglass can age anyone it hits, proportional to the damage done. Victims are thus robbed of their youth prematurely. A single hit from the Demon Prince himself could turn a baby into an old man - Christopher knows and fears this.

David: Crafted with Primordial Clay, Ungorgon appears to be made of living flesh. Any solid, inanimate material it hits will turn into pseudo-flesh, first at the impact point, then spreading out. Stone armor becomes useless after one hit, and enough firepower could render a metal fortress penetratable with simple hatchets.

Dominic: A special torment for one who must guard his secrets closely, Godiva is designed specifically to shred away artifacts and protection against resonances, such as Dominic's cloak. The shotgun-like blasts will render non-Superiors completely (temporarily) vulnerable to all Resonances; Demons cannot be resisted, and Angels may add their Celestial Forces to their rolls AND check digits. Superiors lose their resonance fuzzing against other Superiors. Many wonder just what they would find should the Archangel of Judgment be assaulted by such a weapon.

Eli: Designed to stop most of his unexpected tricks in battle, Blockage temporarily dams the Essence flow of anyone it hits. Until the damage from the bullet is healed, the victim cannot spend any Essence for any reason. Sotto Voce performances of the Song of Healing are useful, as are allies (or multiple Superior manifestations), to get around this problem, but Baal still considers it an effective defense against the most unpredictable Archangel.

Gabriel: You're probably expecting ice bullets, right? Actually, Baal has learned quite a bit from Vapula, and Damper was created with a field of anti-thermal energy around it, enabling Baal to "kill" flame, fire, and heat, just by shooting it. Much more effective, and they don't even drip.

Janus: Rumor has it that the Archangel of the Wind paused for a full ten seconds to contemplate the rumor of Hobble... before racing on to investigate further. While it may be difficult to hit a target like Janus, the fact that the bullets remain inside the victim and slow him to about two-thirds of his current Agility and speed, cumulatively, make it enough of a deterrent.

Jean: Now, about those ice bullets... actually, each bullet of Deluge has a tiny speck of liquid at its core. That tiny speck is actually one hundred gallons of highly conductive electrolytic fluid, compressed to one millionth of its original size. Expands upon impact, you see. Does wonders to electrical devices, not to mention electrical fields.

Jordi: One of Baal's simpler (and crueler) types of ammo, Barb explodes into hundreds of tiny fishhooks inside of its target, and reduces the target number and hits healed by anyone using the Corporeal Song of Healing. The Demon Prince of War knows that being forced to abandon his hosts in this condition would drive Jordi to the point of Falling.

Khalid: Created in a fit of pure arrogance, Crusader is more of an insult than a weapon. Its bullets leave massive scarring, invariably in the form of large, branded, Christian crosses, which cannot be healed from a vessel. The reaction from the pious witnessing such a "miracle" is not to be overlooked, either.

Laurence: Though his blades may be unbreakable, the Archangel of the Sword cannot discount Rounding. Designed specifically for shooting at edged weapons, this ammo dulls the blades of its targets by coating them with a thick, rubbery gel. A Superior would be able to scrape it off easily, but not without a small amount of time and effort, neither of which are commonly available when facing another Superior in combat.

Litheroy: A nuisance to most, a horrible torment to a few (including the Archangel of Revelation), Spoof not only damages whomever it strikes, but causes any Perception-based Resonance of theirs to temporarily become only half reliable. When the victim successfully resonates someone or something, secretly flip a coin. On heads, no problem. On tails, they get completely wrong (but not in an immediately obvious way) information. Even knowing that you've been affected by this is little help.

Marc: Not only does Recession cause normal damage to its target, it also causes them to lose 10% of their current liquid assets! Multiple hits are cumulative. For most people, this is drastically inconvenient. For the Archangel of Trade, it could cripple Heaven's ability to act in the War.

Michael: The Demon Prince of the War does have a six-shooter chambered with six very special bullets. All of them have Michael's name etched on them, in Angelic and Demonic. Aside from this fact, there is nothing special or miraculous about Victory... they aren't even Unholy Bullets. Baal knows that he will need no help or "edge" to defeat his ancient rival when the time is right.

Novalis: The fact that Defoliant is so obvious and straightforward does little to ease Novalis' feelings towards this ammo, which leaves a gas trail in its wake strong enough to kill all plant life in a matter of seconds. Living beings in the wake find it rather unhealthy as well...

Yves: Crafted carefully with Kronos' help, Wheeljammer is an unrivalled work of artistic genius, enchantment-wise. Any angel or any human who has met his destiny (or is otherwise bound for Heaven if killed at this very moment) cannot be killed by these bullets, instead winding up in a coma. (The person or vessel must heal itself naturally back to 1 body hit to come out of the coma; Songs of Healing are useless until then.) Any other human (or demon or ethereal) can be killed without a problem. With these rounds, Baal can happily fire into a crowd of Yves' protected, with no fear of sending the success stories to Heaven.

Zadkiel: Knowing that Zadkiel will never be a target, but instead will be defending the important targets, Baal crafted Evader. These bullets will automatically avoid anyone in the line of fire, hitting the intended target only (who may still attempt to Dodge or otherwise defend themselves). Cover will not help unless it is total cover, from all around. While these bullets could be useful on a crowded battlefield, in Baal's hands they are the bane of Cherubim everywhere.


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